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Dr. Madeleine de Little is a well-known name to many BC school counsellors. International trainer in "Neuroscience and Satir in the Sand Tray: Transforming the Defences of Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Shame and Truma", Madeleine regularly presents workshops related to her Sand Tray work at the BC School Counsellor's conference. Now she has branched out into podcasting and has hosted five radio shows about shame on the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network. Below is information about the show. The podcasts are available through Apple podcasts.

Do you find yourself, thinking you are not good enough or that you are not loveable? Often there are few words to express such experiences. This is probably based in the way we made meaning of our early relationships and is shame based. Burdened by shame, parts of us stay hidden for fear of being cast out by family and friends. This show assists you to understand the impact that shame has on the relationship with ourselves and others. Neuroscience also informs us that our buried unconscious memories hold vast amounts of information that the body knows but the conscious mind does not. This program opens up a conversation about the world of shame, how it has been neeeded in our past and the cost that comes with holding on to it. We delve into the world of darkness by listening to professionals who help people transform their shame. In addition, we invite listeners like you to speak of their journey of shedding light on their dark side.

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From the BC Counsellor

BC Lions, in partnership with the Province of British Columbia, are providing the Skills 4 Life Summit on November 2nd and 3rd. Targeting students in grades 7-9, the program brings together middle and high school students for a weekend of experiences and learning. The weekend includes attending the final regular season home game of the BC Lions vs. the Calgary Stampeders with sidelines experience during pre-game warm up. Students also attend seminars and workshops about mental wellness and self-care, team building, safe education, and career choices. To learn more, check out the information flyer.

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Across the Pond has been helping students apply to UK universities since 2004!  We are here to help your students with their UK study applications and to answer their questions about life in the United Kingdom.  All of our advisors have studied in the UK and can provide insight into the UK study system and what it’s like to be a Canadian in the UK.
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The environment is a rising concern for young people. This article about an international art movement is one way of helping students take positive action to promote their concerns. The Green New Deal promotes psychological, cultural, social and economic equity through healing and tending to the earths' environment.

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SKIDS is a locally produced TELUS Originals documentary directed by Gary Turner and his team at Barbershop Films, that follows the journey of educators and students at Langley’s Vanguard Secondary School as they overcome the effects of trauma, judgement and labels. The high school is seen as the last chance for kids who are too often labelled “bad” or “broken.” This documentary shows how compassion, empathy and strong relationships can empower groups of vulnerable youth to grow and uncover their unrealized potential as they shed the labels people put on them.  

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The skilled trades are a rewarding career path for young people across the province. With course selection underway, help your students select trades training programs in high school—Explore Trades, Train in Trades and Work in Trades.
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Join Howard Eaton, Director, and Sandra Heusel, Admissions Director, from Eaton Arrowsmith on Thursday, November 7th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for lunch. At Eaton Arrowsmith, students complete a series of cognitive exercises to help them strengthen their brains and address the weaknesses that cause their learning difficulties. Their schools operate on the principle of neuroplasticity - the brain's ability to strengthen over time with targeted training. Join Howard and Sandra for lunch at the Eaton Arrowsmith Vancouver location. For more information and to accept this luncheon invitation, please follow the link below.




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