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Darren Laur, known as "The White Hatter", works tirelessly in the field of internet safety for youth. In this article he takes on defining bullying, cyberbullying, digital peer agression and other forms of attack from one youth to another. The Supreme Court of Canada has recently created a blueprint to define bullying and there is federal law in Canada for prosecuting such a crime. 

Counsellors often deal with both victims and bullies in their offices. They also deal with multiple instances of meanness and rude behaviour that is unpleasant but not bullying. Darren teases apart the definitions and provides concrete examples to help clarify just what it is we are dealing with. And, we all know that when we can name the problem, we can address it.

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From the BC Counsellor

In light of the changing and new polciies coming from the Ministry of Education, it's time to look back at thoughts about the involvement of school with the mental health of youth. This article by Dr. Lynn D. Miller takes a wide view of ways to support youth mental health in school. She lists various training opportunities and the article is well supported by research citations. 

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The Learning Curve

There often arises the debate about how practical the information taught in schools is. Often counsellors are called to be the teacher for Graduation Transitions, which includes practical information such as creating a budget. If you struggle with how to teach students to budget, or haven't found just the right lesson, check out the resources available through BC Chartered Professional Accountants.There are also a bunch of great lessons applicable to younger grades as well that can be shared with colleagues. 

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CPHR BC and Yukon

Found in the BCTF Teacher magazine, this article highlights the pitfalls possible in the new funding model under consideration by the Ministry of Education. Designed to eliminate the designation process, the model initially appears to be a paperwork-phobe dream. Imagine, no more collecting paperwork to meet the designation criteria so funding can be provided for students with extra needs. It purports to provide funding based on need as evidenced rather than category. This sounds suspiciously like an increase in paperwork. See what you think.

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The skilled trades are a rewarding career path for young people across the province. With course selection underway, help your students select trades training programs in high school—Explore Trades, Train in Trades and Work in Trades.
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4 Essential Social Media Marketing Lessons for Near and Recent Grads is a great article about using social media safely for one's benefit. In the upcoming part of the school year, graduating students begin looking more seriously at their life beyond secondary school. Counsellors are often settled into their career and are no longer in the job search field, providing that step removed from the experience of their students. This article is current and relevant to graduates as they head out into the work force and something to keep in mind for those off to post-secondary training who will be in the future job seeking pool. Social media was not a factor for many of us as we entered the work force, but we need to realize that for the youth of today, social media is very much part of their job search.




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