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Everyone has a sexual orientation and a gender identity. Making schools safe for students, no matter their identity or orientation, is important for the safety of all. One small aspect of making schools safe is in the language we use. The glossary found at this website is comprehensive and easy to understand. These words are important for every counsellor to know and understand. They need to be used correctly.
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From the BC Counsellor
"With the increased conversation about integrating ‘Wellness Centers’ into schools around the province, there are some who believe this effort is a direct attack on the ability of school counsellors to offer one-on-one time with students." So begins this timely article by Dave Mackenzie, the president of BC School Counsellor’s Association. Whether connected to wellness centers or not, there are stories coming from more than one district of counsellors being directed into a variety of activities that are not direct counselling services. Read this article for things to consider.
The Learning Curve
Students who plan to attend a post-secondary institution in BC have a unique website to use for researching their options. EducationPlannerBC is a one-stop site for exploring career options and the necessary training, researching institutions that offer the training and finally, applying to chosen institutions. Post-secondary institutions in BC are moving to the ApplyBC online application, which is available through this website. The site is great for parents, too, as they help their children find their future place.
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This article in the BCTF magazine is by a teacher brave enough to take on a local issue that was highly controversial. How she did this and what she learned in doing so are documented in this article. As school counsellors, one role is supporting teachers who may be looking at controversial topics in their classrooms. Counsellors can be there to help with maintaining a safe environment and supporting the classroom teacher, since a counsellor is routinely faced with controversial topics. This is just one way for counsellors to provide extra support in the classroom.
BC Counsellor
yoUnlimited is designed for women who want more connection and community in their life and want to find a place to do this. The goal of yoUnlimited is to build a community of women with like interests. Conferences and events feature speakers, products and services for learning and building connections – to assist every woman in finding their passion and achieving their dreams. Tip: explore the ‘Pitch Your Passion’ section to find one of BC’s own school counsellors who is the May 2016 Pitch Your Passion winner.



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