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BC School Counsellor's Association has joined with other professional associations to participate in the super conference this year. As a result, there will be no BCSCA conference in October 2017 and we are encouraging all our members to attend the super conference. The super conference is taking place at the Pan Pacific Hotel and registration is now open. Sign up early, grab one of the limited spots at the social and get the early bird rate. There will be workshops specifically for counsellors and the BCSCA will be holding its annual general meeting on Friday along with other participating associations.
Association of BC Forest Professionals
From the BC Counsellor
The new curriculum for Physical & Health education includes many opportunities for teachers to raise topics related to mental health. One of those topics is eating disorders. Written from the perspective of an adult in recovery from eating disorders, this article examines the curriculum with an insider's look at how seemingly innocuous or innocent exercises can trigger an episode. This is important for counsellors to be aware of, as front-line support for classroom teachers managing the new curriculum.
The Learning Curve
Counselling students with various challenges can challenge the counsellor. The first step is learning about conditions and syndromes to increase our own understanding of what the student is facing. This article provides clear and concise information about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
There will always be a time when a school counsellor has wondered whether or not an intervention has been successful. Questions may arise more often when a student has been referred and does not come into the counselling office of his or her own free will. This article from the BC Teacher magazine gives the other perspective, that of the student who has been sent, unwillingly, to see the counsellor. If you missed it in the magazine, be sure to follow the link and read it now. Look for the article on page 19.
BC Counsellor
Are you a YouTuber? Do you regularly use YouTube to find information? If so, have you seen the YouTube channel hosted by the BC School Counsellors? It may not be the most up-to-date, but if you are interested in finding information on YouTube, connect with the BC School Counsellors and make suggestions, send links and help re-invigorate the channel. Contact us through the BC School Counsellors website, or send an email to the magazine editor at:



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