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Where: Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre Room P3-306, Mental Health Building #85, BC Children’s Hospital Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 3N1 When: Tuesday, March 21 at noon. Join the team at Kelty Mental Health for this informative talk for parents and professionals about youth in BC and the opioid crisis. The talk is free. If you are not in Vancouver and are unable to attend, there are other ways to participate. Instructions are posted at the link below.
Association of BC Forest Professionals
From the BC Counsellor
When is the last time you accessed the BC School Counsellor's Association website? A new web master was elected at the annual general meeting in October, 2016, and he's working to update the site and make it more dynamic. You will find an archive of magazines, information about your executive, links to valuable resources and more. Stay connected with your PSA with regular visits to the website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter: @bcsca Facebook: bcschoolcounsellors
At VIU, students #MatterHere
Vancouver Island University
Every journey begins with a choice. We’re here to help students choose from 120+ programs in popular areas of study, and guide them on a path to success. We encourage all students to explore their potential, discover more about their world and excel in both life and learning. Applications for many programs are due March 31.
The Learning Curve
BC's new curriculum includes many opportunities for teachers to address mental health in the classroom. This guide offers practical ideas and suggestions for the teacher wishing to talk about mental health. Connections from the provided information and the new curriculum are made, so teachers can be sure of what aspect they are addressing. This toolkit is packed with lessons, ready-to-use overheads, and assessments for the busy teacher. Topics include not just traditional mental health topics such as anxiety and depression, but branch out further into discussions such as the stigma associated with mental health and looking at the life of persons living with mental illness. Note: Information is structured for the secondary classroom.
Young people (and adults) living with mental health challenges need understanding, friendship, and advocacy. Teachers and school counsellors are in a natural role for taking up the advocacy challenge for the young people in their lives. There are many campaigns aimed at ending the stigma for people with mental illness and the BCTF website helps guide caring adults in the appropriate directions for adding their voices to those already speaking up. Let us not be silent.
BC Counsellor
Everywhere in British Columbia, Aboriginal youth are too heavily represented in populations accessing social services. The Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of BC is a provincial body ready to support youth in whatever capacity is necessary throughout the province. For a wealth of information about initiatives under way, or to help clarify what service to access or even to connect with an advocate, check out the website. Services are all culturally comfortable. VALUE STATEMENT The Native Courtworker and Counselling Association of British Columbia provides culturally-appropriate services to aboriginal people and communities consistent with their needs. Our services are accomplished by assisting persons involved in the criminal justice system; access to counselling and referral services for clients with substance abuse and detox support issues; and advocate services for aboriginal family and youth. Our dedicated employees are responsible to the needs of the community by providing quality, innovative and educational options where people are treated with dignity and respect.



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