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Thank you to all counsellors who took time to complete the BCSCA counsellor survey last year. 573 counsellors completed the survey, of which 142 were counsellors at the elementary level, 40 at the middle school level, and 391 at the secondary level. 95.1% of counsellors worked in the public system, and 84.6% had completed a Master's degree or higher. Of those counsellors that had completed a Master's degree, 83.8% had a supervised practicum as part of their degree program.
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Lasalle College
Along with a written analysis of the survey, some slides have been created that can be used for presenting this information to others in a visual manner.
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For those of you with students interested in graduating with a dual diploma, here is an interesting program. The Greater Victoria School District (SD61) offers an online French Immersion program, through their distributed learning school The Link. The Link provides flexibility and variety of courses to students while meeting their needs and interests, and it allows them to take the courses they wish at their school of record while continuing with their French program.
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Vancouver Island University
It's always nice to find talent in BCSCA members beyond their skills as counsellors. Tommy Paley, a counsellor in Vancouver, is also an author and has turned his experiences as a counsellor into a series of short stories. He's also working on a longer story which is publishing in blog form chapter by chapter.
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Le Cordon Bleu
IEEE Educational Activities
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