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Does your LSA have an end-of-year event they could use some financial help with? Are you planning for the fall? The BC Counsellor's Association offers grants to LSAs to help with local professional development. You can download the application below.
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Lasalle College
One last summer is left to graduating students, then it's off to wherever their life path is taking them. The article below from the current BC Counsellor magazine is full of tips collected into one place that can serve as a checklist for counsellors, parents and students as they finalize those plans. Left off the list, but not deliberately, is also the idea of travelling to another country to work as a nanny or au pair. For students interested in this, they can check out the website at www.internationalnannies.com and combine their love of travel with earning some money.
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School counsellors are on the front line of mental health information for schools. They may teach a unit on mental health or provide teachers with resources. Counsellors are most qualified to make decisions about the relevance of resources for use within their school. Keeping current with the volumes of information available can be challenging. The website "Teen Mental Health" offers links and print resources on specific mental health challenges that are great learning tools for teachers.
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Vancouver Island University
Any time is a good time to join the BC School Counsellor's Association! Your membership is valid for one year from the time you join. There are three ways to join:
1 - Visit the BCTF website and navigate to the Provincial Specialist Associations page to find us. Use your credit card and you're a member. The link is below.
2 - Download the PSA membership form and mail in your application with a cheque.
3 - Attend the BCSCA conference in October and you're automatically a member.
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Insurance Institute of Canada
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