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Representatives from the BCSCA executive have been working in collaboration with Doctors of BC having conversations that we would all like to happen regarding youth mental health. Follow the link to download a document that is now available to BC doctors outlining what they can ask of a school counsellor when treating a young person. Doctors may not always think of the school counsellor when creating a care plan, but there are many places where we can step in and work together with the medical professionals in supporting young people with mental health or substance use challenges.
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Lasalle College
Music is often called the universal language and music therapists speak with a special fluency.

Whether playing music, listening to music or writing music -- the interaction between people and music is as old as mankind and the rhythms of life speak to the deepest place inside of us. Music therapy taps into this relationship.
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The 2014 BC Teachers' Federation AGM carried the following local resolution: 130 -- "That the Executive Committee be urged to establish a task force to undertake a comprehensive review of the impact of mental health issues in BC schools, with a report and recommendations brought back to the Winter RA." With the 2015 AGM soon scheduled, it is time to look at one small result of action from this resolution. The BCTF website features a "Teaching to Diversity" page, and if you follow the link to mental health resources from that page you will find a comprehensive list of places to go for information, arranged alphabetically by condition, along with general resources for practitioners. This makes a nice warehouse of information due to the great organization and clean format of the page.
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Vancouver Island University
In October, 2014, the AGM for the BC School Counsellor's Association was held with the following people elected for the 2014-2015 year:
President - Dave Mackenzie (SD22)
Past President - Ren Morley (SD36)
Vice President - Lorrie Ann Riedel (SD91)
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