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In spite of on-going conversations and discussions about the mental health of teachers in BC, there has been no decrease in the cost of ill mental health to the BC education system. Dr. Andrew Miki, a psychologist in Vancouver, is trying to do something about improving mental health. He has developed a website dedicated to educating people about mental health in-general paired with exercises designed to empower individuals with their own mental health. Awareness is definitely increasing, but knowledge is still lacking in the general population when it comes to maintaining a healthy mental balance. The BCTF has partnered with Dr. Miki to provide access for members in an effort to reduce lost time and increase well-being. Definitely check out the article in Teacher Magazine and follow up with a visit to starlingminds.com.
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Lasalle College
Many BC students attend smaller, rural schools. Often, smaller communities are slower to adopt practices of larger centers even though they may be providing service on an individual basis within the community. Think of the community in which everyone recognizes and makes allowances for, or provides help to, a particular individual. This is effective so long as the community works together for one another, but the outcast will have enormous challenges in accessing service. The same happens with our rural students, whose families have fewer sources for support and resources than those living in larger centers. Here are some tips for making sure we reach those rural students.
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Individuals from both the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education have been working collaboratively in discussions about the mental health of British Columbians of all ages. A report has been published outlining concerns and areas of change on the Doctors of BC website, but a newer site has been established that is worth checking out. This Open Mind website has resources on mental health awareness and care for families, teachers and youth; but, more importantly, it is a source for physicians to quickly find screening documents. It is important for school counsellors and health care providers to work collaboratively in caring for the mental health of our youth.
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Vancouver Island University
If your New Year's resolution is to read more, please begin by reading the rest of the article. This is a plea to all readers who would like to own and read a book related to counselling. Mental health, therapeutic techniques, inspiration -- the topics are varied and up to you, dear reader, to suit your own taste. Choose your book; let the BCSCA editor know what book you want to read and the book will arrive -- FREE -- in your own mailbox. Then you can enjoy the book and write a review for a BCSCA publication. The book is yours to keep -- FREE. Write the editor at: bcsca.editor@gmail.com
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