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Working on the front line with people who are affected by traumatic experiences is a common situation for helping professionals. Counsellors need to be aware of the way they can be affected by exposure to other people's trauma. By creating awareness of the risks associated for caring for others, prevention of harmful stress and burnout may be possible.

Michelle Hamilton is a keynote speaker at the 2014 BC School Counsellor's Association conference. An overview of her keynote address is in the current issue of the BCSCA magazine, but her website offers far more for counsellors to explore.
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Lasalle College
As counsellors, we are privileged to help people who are stuck; who feel unable to help themselves. Our help may be in identifying possible treatment options or self-help strategies. We may be able to ask the right questions that help students, or parents, or colleagues to think of new options they had not considered.

Empowerment is what we do with our wellness to help others. To read more about the theme of this year's conference, please follow the link.
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HomeFront is Calgary's coordinated Community Justice Response to domestic violence, integrating law enforcement, the courts, shelters, treatment programs and community services to form a seamless, collaborative response to end domestic violence. Through providing direct supports to victims in the justice system, ensuring treatment is available for offenders and improving the efficiency and efficacy of the domestic violence justice process, HomeFront has reduced re-offence rates by 50 per cent, seen a 100 per cent increase in victim participation in the criminal court process, consulted in the creation of eight specialized DV courts and 20 domestic violence treatment sites in Alberta, and interrupted the cycle of violence for more than 30,000 victims and their families since May of 2000.

Kevin McNichol, from Homefront, will be delivering a keynote address at the 2014 BC School Counsellor's Association conference.
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Vancouver Island University
We make jokes about troubling topics; things that bother us as a society are often the subject of dark humour. The summer of 2014 is now the summer of the strike; but as we go forward with the hiring of more specialty teachers, counsellors all across BC will hopefully laugh at this video because it is no longer true.
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University of Guelph - Humber, Attn: Karen Hortopan
BC Counsellor

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