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Here is an interesting article written by Michelle Fortin about the effect of the provincial government's cuts on the services provided to our children and youth in the area of Mental Health. Michelle is an experienced Mental Health Professional and a strong advocate for our at-risk youth. She sits on the Community Action Initiative Leadership Council, an organization that has just received renewed funding for grassroots projects dealing with mental health and substance misuse across the lifespan. Our publications editor, Connie Easton, represents school counsellors through BCSCA on this Council, ensuring that our voices will be heard in the discussion about funding various programs province wide.
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Lasalle College
In our Spring Issue of the BC Counsellor, there is an article about the rise in the use of psychiatric drugs with our children and youth. This article is based on a presentation by Robert Whitaker, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, recipient of the 2010 Best Book Award of the Investigative Reporters and Editors for Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America. I recently heard Dr. Whitaker speak in the community. What follows are my observations about the information he presented on the controversial issue of using psychotropic drugs to deal with mental illness, based on his experience and research in the field.
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Yes, it's that time of year alright! As we walk the hallways of our schools, we are surrounded by long faces and worried looks as students begin the process of writing exams. This is a skill, make no mistake about it! Most students take years to learn the strategies that work for them in an exam situation, and many are so stressed about it they can barely function. Many end up in our offices at the end of their rope. As school counsellors, we can help our students deal with the mental space needed to write exams calmly and efficiently. Here are a few tips to pass along...
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Vancouver Island University
Our BCSCA Conference 2013 is scheduled for this fall, Oct. 24-25, 2013. We will be hosting the conference at the Delta Airport Hotel in Richmond -- right on the Canada Line! Our theme this year is Counselling in a Wired World, and we have some terrific speakers and workshops lined up for you! Now is the time to apply for PRO D funds for next year to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!
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University of Calgary
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