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If you are dealing with a student who is struggling with depression, you know how difficult it can be to find resources that are kid and teen friendly. This workbook, DWD, is a great resource to use that is easy to read, light on jargon and filled with practical tips to help students manage their mood disorder. DWD explains what depression is, and what it is not. Best of all, it can be downloaded and done interactively with students by school counsellors, parents and other support people in the student's life.
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Lasalle College
With the Ministry of Education focus on Bullying in Schools this year, each school is to have one Professional Development day activity centered on the topic of bullying. To that end, our last issue of the BC Counsellor had the theme of bullying and included articles about various aspects of bullying we deal with as school counsellors. Here is an article by Alexandra Penn, co-founder of Champions Against Bullying, an organization that raises awareness of bullying and creates classroom aids to help our youngest students understand the power, and the dangers of bullying. Hopefully our last issue will spark discussion in your staffroom about this pervasive and devastating issue, an issue we all deal with in one way or another.
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In this age of social media, everyone seems to have a Facebook page. Do you maintain one? If so, do you ever think about the implications of being active in the world of social media? Our kids are so tech savvy that they rarely think about the computer-based world they inhabit, but we are always there to remind them that they are creating a digital tattoo--a permanent mark in the virtual world. Read up on some practical suggestions about using social media while in the role of a school counsellor and educator.
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Our annual BCSCA Conference, Connect '12, is only two weeks away! We hope you will be able to join us for a fabulous line up of speakers and activities on Oct. 18-19, 2012 at the Coast Plaza Stanley Park Hotel in Vancouver. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Stuart Shanker, is well known for his work in self-regulation. This approach to working with students is being piloted in several BC School Districts. Come and hear how this work impacts our practice as school counsellors It won't be all work and no play, either! We are planning our famous "Burning Issues" session complete with wine and cheese social, and there will be several opportunities to connect with your colleagues across the province. Early bird registration has just closed, but there are spaces left in a variety of workshops, so come and join us!
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