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DWD, or Dealing with Depression, is a wonderful book that is designed for students to use as they learn about depression and demystify the symptoms and behaviours that characterize this illness. Put out by MHECCU and the Ministry of Children and Family Development, the book is designed to be interactive and provides a great way of connecting with students who are struggling with depression. Medication, cognitive thought patterns and diet and exercise are all addressed. Books can be ordered from Child and Youth Mental Health Branch, MCFD, at MCF.ChildYouthMental or an online version, downloadable in PDF format, is also available at:
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Lasalle College
Our Spring/Summer issue of BC Counsellor is coming your way and the theme is the Power of Play. Look for articles about play therapy, play based programs and the power of creativity in this issue. Here, an article from our archives which highlights the power of story through Narrative therapy. Heather Main, former BCSCA Executive Member sits down for an interview with Dr. Stephen Madigan, after our conference in 2009. Enjoy!
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The Community Action Initiative (CAI) supports communities that identify and seek to address mental health and substance use concerns. The organization was launched with a $10 million allocation from the Province of BC and provides convening grants to help community partners connect with each other and develop potential action plans, encouraging both collaboration and participation by members of the target population. We also provide service innovation grants so the plans can be implemented. BCSCA has representation on the Leadership Council so that school counsellors' voices and concerns can be heard on these issues.

CAI knows that success comes from new models that go beyond business as usual. For us, it is not just about funded services. Rather than putting an emphasis on competing for grants, they encourage funded agencies to work together to get better results, by combining their efforts, skills, resources and objectives.

CAI was created to help address some of the most complex health issues facing families and communities in British Columbia, supporting community-led projects which recognize the community sector as an essential ally in the Province’s efforts to address these issues through its plan: Healthy Minds, Healthy People: A Ten Year Plan to Address Mental Health and Substance Use in British Columbia.

Mental health and substance use facts:

One in five people in British Columbia will experience significant mental health/ illness or substance use problems every year.

Direct and indirect costs of mental illness and substance use is estimated to be more than $6 billion for British Columbia alone.

In 2008, 23.1 percent of British Columbians, 15 year of age or or older, reported hazardous consumption of alcohol.

Read about some of the unique funded projects happening across the province:
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University Canada West
Our past president, Vic Gladish was profiled recently in the Chilliwack Times. Read about Vic's outstanding work in the area of human rights and anti-bullying. The story showcases Vic's legacy. Vic is now enjoying his well-deserved retirement, although we do get him to come to executive meetings, where he always has humour and wisdom to share in abundance.
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