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From an interesting article in www.teenscreen.org comes this idea...
Good ideas are often simple. They seem obvious once we hear about them. In a complicated arena like teen mental health, good ideas are also in short supply. That’s why I was excited to invite CEO Chris Tanti to our offices at TeenScreen to learn about Headspace. This innovative program, based in Melbourne, Australia, is making it easier for teens to learn about mental health and wellness – without the usual stigma – and helping them to access the mental health care they need.

This unique outreach and treatment initiative began with Dr. Patrick McGorry, a pioneer in early detection and intervention of mental disorders – a goal central to our mission here at TeenScreen National Center. What began five years ago with one center has grown to 30 in cities across Australia.

The concept of making it easier for teens to learn about mental health is a cornerstone of the approach. A youth advisory board helps connect a wide range of young people to the center’s mission of broad health education and outreach. Teens are involved in leadership roles where they help develop and run programs for their peers in education and outreach.

Headspace is a comfortable place to "talk about what’s on your mind," not just a clinical center. Services offered to youth include assistance with general health problems, support for concerns about bullying or difficulties with friends and schoolmates, counseling on issues of depression, alcohol and drug use, help with problems in gaining employment, and a safe place to discuss sexuality, gender identity and contraception. Youth can stop by, drop in or access information online and then make a connection with Headspace in their community

A striking aspect of Headspace is the collaboration among many local youth- serving agencies. In each community where Headspace is located, a process of coming together and sharing resources led to the formation of the new Center. This is not an easy process but it makes for a more seamless set of services and much greater cooperation among providers. It also means that fewer youth in crisis "fall between the cracks" and are lost to services and support. Headspace is a fascinating and creative effort to bring mental health into the mainstream. It goes where the kids are and addresses the issues they care about. At the same time it builds trust and allows youth to share issues of concern at a comfortable pace in a space of their own. Small wonder Headspace is a huge success. We in the U.S. can learn a lot from our friends in Australia!! To learn more about Headspace visit their website:
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University Canada West
Our new President, James Hooper, reviews a workshop presented at our annual conference held in October 2011, on drug education in action. Read about this program being used in several school boards across the province.
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Vancouver, November 16, 2011 – Today UBC and Bell announced a $1M gift to establish the Bell Youth Mental Health IMPACT project. This initiative will enable researchers from the University of British Columbia to conduct mental health outreach to youth in need.
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Lasalle College International Vancouver

At our annual conference in October, we held an election at our AGM. Several new members came onboard to join the BCSCA Executive and serve on your behalf. 

in the role of president, Jim Hooper from Maple Ridge has stepped up to fill the shoes of our retiring president, Vic Gladish. Lorrie Ann Reidel from Vanderhoof, has moved into the role of Vice President and Ren Morley has joined us from Surrey to be our Conference Chair.

From Coquitlam, Alexia Soukas has stepped forward to take on Professional Development chair, and Glen Preston from Chilliwack and Sharon Sall from Surrey are taking on Local Liason and Membership. We are also welcoming back our former Conference Chair into the Technology Chair. Dave Mackenzie of Vernon will be our webmaster and list serv administrator. 

We would like to thank all of our new Executive members for giving of their time, skills and experience to help us represent School Counselors across British Columbia and welcome them to the table. You'll be hearing more from them soon!

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