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As we head into the final weeks of the school year, counselling positions in schools are often being reviewed, shifted or combined with other positions.
Staffing is being determined, and many districts are facing cuts to service. Our job descriptions and roles may change, but our service in the school and community is vital. Read on to find out how the BCSCA can help you as you plan for next year to make sure your community knows how vital you are and how important it is to be aware of the work you do.
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Why belong to your PSA? Here is a brief article written by our President, Vic Gladish, and taken from the pages of our magazine, BC Counsellor. Vic tells us how important it is to network and to connect with our colleagues, especially when burn out is an issue facing many counsellors in their careers. With our conference coming up in October, think about attending as your PSA fee is included with registration! Now is a great time to apply for PRO D funds for next year...
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Looking for some Professional Development this summer? Read on to find out about the summer institute on mental health in BC Schools. With workshops on a wide range of topics, this looks to be a wonderful prelude to our own BCSCA Fall Conference on Youth in Mind: Youth Mental Health with Keynote Speaker, Dr. Bill McKeown to talk to us about early psychosis and other youth mental health issues. Stay tuned! Meantime, have a look at the information about the summer institute...
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Your provincial executive met in Vancouver on May 28th to begin planning the annual BCSCA Conference, being held at the Coast Hotel, Stanley Park on Denman Street Oct. 20/21, 2011. As mentioned above, we have our keynote speaker lined up, Dr. Bill McKeown, founder of the Early Psychosis Intervention Initiative, and the theme will be Youth Mental Health. He is a psychiatrist with a difference: he doesn't wait for his patients to come to him, he goes to them on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. If you book your hotel room before September 30, you will receive the conference rate of $125 per night. Earlybird registrations are eligible to be entered into a draw!

Here is the link to our conference...http://www.bcscaconference.ca/index.php

And here are the dates you need to know...!
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