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Bullying doesn't just happen to children and teens, nor does it always stop once people grow up. Most adults can recall being bullied, whether in a work setting, a personal relationship or with an authority figure. Champions Against bullying has created a survey and is asking teachers and counsellors to respond anonymously online. This will provide more data for their organization to create programs and address bullying in schools. Were you ever bullied? Did anyone help you? Did you feel pushed to drop out of school?

Champions Against Bullying is conducting an anonymous survey. Your
feedback is vital to help get bullying ABOVE THE RADAR and improve the
quality of information available to EVERYONE - kids, parents and

Please click on the learn more link below, or paste the URL into your browser to complete the survey.


Thank you for being a CHAMPION!!!
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Lasalle College International Vancouver
Sandy Hui, a secondary school counsellor from Richmond, had no idea what she would face when she packed her bags and headed off the Nepal last summer to work with a team from Nepal House, training counsellors in that facility who work with children suffering from trauma. Read her fascinating story here, featured in our last issue of the BC Counsellor magazine.
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In this workshop review, our Past President Joanell Clark shares ideas and strategies gleaned from the presenter, Jude Platzer. Jude shares the parent perspective, as she experienced the loss of her son at the age of 15.

As the number of students dealing with depression and suicidal ideation seems to grow each year, having suicide protocols in your district becomes imperative, as well as consistent practice and policy when dealing with students in mental health crises.

If your district does not have a suicide protocol, make it your mission to lobby the powers that be and create one! There are many templates available from other districts. Our list serv is a great place to have this conversation and/or find out what other people are doing. Meantime, have a look at these excellent ideas...
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University Canada West
The BC School Counsellor's Association is committed to providing advocacy for our members so that the importance of our role is shared with our colleagues and the public. In these tough economic times, this becomes more important than ever before!

We have an advocacy package available for our members to use which includes a powerpoint presentation about our role and some of the statistics specific to British Columbia. This is available on our website. In addition, here is a fact sheet prepared by Lisa Ellis, Executive Director, Artemis Options Society that you might find useful when preparing a presentation for parents or your school board.
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University of Calgary
Wood Manufacturing Council
Vancouver College of Art and Design
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