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September 28, 2018

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Industry News
New York-based Chase Bank received the highest customer satisfaction rating among six nationwide banks, scoring 854 out of 1,000, according to a new J.D. Power study released this week. (ABA Banking Journal)
The U.S. Secret Service has sent out a warning about a difficult type of ATM skimming that could take days for criminals to set up. According to a non-public alert distributed to banks this week, the agency has received multiple reports about a form of skimming often called ATM "wiretapping" or "eavesdropping." (PYMNTS.com)
U.S. consumer spending rose in August at the slowest pace in six months, moderating from more robust readings on the biggest part of the economy. Inflation remained near the Federal Reserve’s target pace. (Bloomberg)
The different approaches between the federal government’s prohibition of marijuana and various states’ legalization of its use sets up a classic conflict of laws. For banks caught in the middle, a change can’t come soon enough. (ABA Bank Compliance)
Data Center, Inc. (DCI)
On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, banking veteran Scott Webster talks about Huntington Bank's efforts to build a new nationwide vertical providing specialized banking services to technology, media and telecommunications firms. (ABA Banking Journal)
The Federal Reserve announced another quarter-percentage-point increase in interest rates Wednesday as expected, citing a strong labor market and economy. With its third hike this year, the Fed raised the benchmark borrowing rate to a range of 2 percent to 2.25 percent, citing strong economic activity and job gains. (NPR)
ABA salutes the women named to American Banker Magazine’s "25 Most Powerful Women in Banking" and "25 Women to Watch in Banking" lists for 2018. Many of them are current and former members of ABA’s board, councils and committees. (ABA Banking Journal)
ACL Services
White Paper: KRI Basics for Financial Institutions
Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are essential in providing early warning signals when risks move in a direction that may prevent the achievement of strategic objectives. But a key challenge that remains is where to even get started. This white paper will provide you with a foundational understanding of KRIs, examples of KRIs for banks and credit unions and guide you to getting started with your own KRI program.
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Policy News
ABA submitted a statement ahead of a House Judiciary Committee Hearing on H.R. 3553, the Bankruptcy Administration Improvement Act. In the statement for the record, ABA expressed support for the bill's provisions that would increase the statutory fee paid to Chapter 7 trustees in so-called "no asset" bankruptcy cases. (ABA Banking Journal)
The Alternative Reference Rates Committee has issued consultations on draft fallback language for floating rate notes and syndicated business loans that reference the U.S. dollar London Interbank Offer Rate. With Libor’s future beyond 2021 uncertain, the ARRC is developing plans to facilitate the transition to its recommended alternative rate, the Secured Overnight Financing Rate. (ABA Banking Journal)
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Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
The Federal Reserve is "very much interested" in moving ahead with the interagency effort to update Community Reinvestment Act regulations, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said at a press conference this week. The formal effort kicked off in August with an advance notice of proposed rulemaking from the OCC. (ABA Banking Journal)
On a bonus episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, ABA VP Krista Shonk outlines the process for modernizing Community Reinvestment Act regulations and how bankers can get involved. Shonk provides a detailed analysis of what’s in the OCC’s August advance notice of proposed rulemaking, including questions about ways the banking agencies can encourage more lending in areas that need it, clarify the types of activities that receive positive CRA consideration, update the assessment area concept and measure bank performance with a metric-based approach. (ABA Banking Journal)
Harland Clarke
7 Rules for Killer (and Impactful) KPI Building
Seven best practices for determining which key performance indicators are critical to your financial institution’s success.
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