ABA Bank Marketing
October 1, 2021
Email quickly emerged as an unsung hero during the pandemic. Branch availability and safety protocols changed almost daily. Government stimulus program rules changed weekly. No customer communication vehicle was as timely or cost-effective as email. But how else did bank marketers successfully deploy email, and what enduring lessons can be learned?
VGM Forbin
Financial Marketing Solutions
The award-winning #BanksNeverAskThat anti-phishing consumer education campaign is back with refreshed content starting in October 2021. On this episode the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, bank marketer Megan Kenley discusses Bank of Utah’s #BanksNeverAskThat experience, some of the results seen from participating (including helping a customer recognize and stop a money mule scam) and how Bank of Utah will adapt the campaign materials for its 2021 participation.
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Some bank leaders believe that focusing on climate can help banks gain relevance, especially with younger customers.
OS SalesCo, Inc. (Omaha Steaks)
The frothy housing market can create challenges for borrowers and lenders. Bankers can help by alerting borrowers up-front to the risks.
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