ABA Bank Marketing
June 28, 2019
Humans are pre-disposed to pay close attention to the behavior of their social groups—to either imitate it or avoid it. Most of us aren’t even aware of the pull that our peers have on our choices. And that has enormous implications for marketers.
You know that 1500-word, block text email you’ve been drafting under the subject line "Meeting Follow-ups and Ancillary Topics"? Please don’t send it. At least, not until you’ve made some serious fixes.
Through a TV news partnership, one state bankers association is raising public awareness about what banks do, the safety they provide and the support they give their communities.
Today’s hyper-connected consumers are using mobile technology to communicate in one way or the other all day long. So they expect the financial institutions they do business with to communicate with them on a personalized, relevant and contextual basis, just like their favorite brands do.
Today's banks have the capacity to recreate the lifetime relationships that used to be the norm in banking. And if they want customers to stick around, banks must continually demonstrate to customers that they have offerings to meet their present and future financial needs, no matter what life stage they’re in.
Given the fierce competition to attract and retain bank customers, what do you do to differentiate yourself? Positioning yourself as a customer advocate is one important way.
Nearly two-thirds of bank names contain one of the following words: first, national, trust or savings. Is your bank among them? Can you do something about that?
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions

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