ABA Bank Journal Advertorial
November 29, 2022
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Real-time payments are here. So what are the next steps?

It’s time to strategize how to maximize revenue and provide accountholders with the best experience possible. In addition, as financial institutions adopt real-time payments, there are a few elements to consider as they move forward.

In this Bank Automation News hosted webinar, Gareth Lodge, Senior Analyst, Global Payments at Celent, and Mark Majeske, Senior Vice President, Faster Payments at Alacriti, discuss:
  • How to unlock multiple revenue opportunities leveraging use cases
  • Where real-time payments are in the U.S.—and why banks and credit unions need to move quickly
  • The lessons learned from around the world and the early movers in the U.S. to ensure success
  • And how three things often perceived as barriers—fraud, funding, and the user experience—are both easy to fix and potentially differentiators if you get it right



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