ASRWWA Newsletter

ASRWWA offers free services through their federal programs. Below are highlights on what these programs offer, and the exemplary staff who run them. For more information on these programs, and to stay up to date on the latest personnel changes, please visit the ASRWWA website.

ASRWWA has been providing water and wastewater expertise, training, leak detection services, as well as facilitating programs through both the USDA and the EPA that have benefited and supported our members throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island for 20 years.

We are at an important crossing point in which both states would like to form separate, new associations in 2022. Currently both states each have a Steering Committee, that is being assisted with leadership from NRWA, to lay the groundwork to make this happen.

Our collective goals are simple. To form two new state associations that will expand and develop the valuable services and expertise that we can provide to our current and future members, while focusing on the unique needs of our respective states.

Over the next six months we will be reaching out to our members to keep you informed of our progress, along with providing valuable training and other services to our members.

During this time we want to hear from you. If you have questions or want to inquire about what services your small or rural water or wastewater system needs, please email us at

72 Evergreen Road, North Kingstown, RI 02852

I would like to announce that in collaboration between NRWA and ASRWWA, the effort of standing up two individual state associations is well underway. We in Rhode Island have filed our Articles of Incorporation with the Office of the RI Secretary of State and have been recognized as Rhode Island Rural Water Association. We have also applied for and received our EIN from the IRS as a Non-Profit association. Our proposed budget has been forwarded to NRWA for review and comment along with our Plan to offer our membership uninterrupted services, training opportunities, and a plan for increased services in the coming weeks, months, and years. RIRWA will be launching our official website by the end of October, where our current and prospective members will find and access much information. Please feel free to address all questions regarding RIRWA by: email at, telephone at (401)413-3871, or by mail to 72 Evergreen Road North Kingstown, RI 02852, while we anxiously await the launching of our website at which point there will be other means of communication available. We currently conduct monthly in person Board Meetings on the third Thursday of each month and we do post notifications of these meetings publicly and will be posting notifications on our website also, please contact us for more detailed information. I as always, encourage all interested to contact us and get involved as little or as much as you wish, this is an association of the membership and for the membership.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our RIRWA Board of Directors to you:

  • President: Jimmy J. Folco Jr.
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Robert Ray
  • Treasurer: Justin D’Antonio
  • Director: Virginia Bragger
  • Director: James E. Hall

Thank you,
Jimmy J. Folco Jr.
President RIRWA

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In August, the state announced it will test 2,400 locations for levels of PFAS. You have the opportunity to register your utility onto the cost recovery rolls to let your customers know that action has been taken to lessen any financial impact resulting from PFAS detection. As background to this program, in 2019 the National Rural Water Association, which ASRWWA is a member organization, engaged the law firm of Napoli Shkolnik to file a cost recovery action to provide water and wastewater systems the opportunity to recover any current or future expenses for testing, treatment and remediation of PFAS contamination. To learn more about this opportunity, please review this information flyer.
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ASRWWA is accepting applications for a Water Operations Circuit Rider position. The Water Circuit Rider implements the USDA Circuit Rider program throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island by working with public water systems as a technical expert in water operations representing ASRWWA. The position is a full-time hourly position with a minimum of 40 hours per week and occasional overtime. Extensive travel to small systems throughout the Connecticut and Rhode Island for on-site visits to small systems is required.
The Atlantic States Rural Water and Wastewater Association (ASRWWA) is currently seeking a qualified individual for a full or part-time position in Connecticut. ​The position will require travel within the state of Connecticut. This position is funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and may provide an opportunity for growth within the association.