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Registering early allows you to secure the lowest rates possible, as well as the opportunity to select your first choice of workshops and advance practice courses. The most popular tracks at this year's conference are Private Practice, Research/Evaluation, and Education/Supervision tracks. An additional incentive this year – everyone who registers early will receive a free pad of high-quality watercolor paper. Each pad contains a total of 30 sheets of 11"x15" paper. Register early to receive your ticket to pick up a pad of paper at the conference! Stay tuned for an email with more details when registration opens on June 8!
We’re excited to announce that our 2021 Conference sessions are NOW AVAILABLE for Self Study! Members who were unable to attend the virtual conference will be able to purchase and access select 2021 CE courses for a discounted rate. Access our Institute for Continuing Education website to find courses (totaling 75 CE credits). Register now and get 5 courses for the price of 4! 

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As we enter Pride Month, the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) would like to stress the importance of accessible mental health care for the LGBTQ+ community. Art therapists, as mental health professionals, strive to provide a sense of safety and openness to their clients, especially those vulnerable to stigma and discrimination.

Whether you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community or have LGBTQ+ clients, peers, friends, and family, we encourage you to check out and share the following resources.
Last week, AATA posted a statement on the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. On behalf of our art therapist members, we call on lawmakers and community leaders to make policy changes on all fronts to prevent the next shooting tragedy from happening.
Allyson Damante, Program Coordinator, Member Services
“Being a non-profit professional with a bachelor’s degree in Arts for Social Change, I was excited to have the opportunity to attend this convention as a representative of the American Art Therapy Association and participate in key discussions regarding the crossroads of the arts and social justice.”
Last week, the New York State legislature passed A1171A, which would require private insurance companies to cover mental health services! This bill would make it possible for services by LCATs to be reimbursed by insurance — a huge step forward in achieving parity between art therapists and other mental health professions. The bill is on Gov. Hochul’s desk now, and we need to act fast to ensure that the governor signs the bill into law in its current form! ACT NOW! Go to NYATA’s government affairs page for easy steps to contact Governor Hochul, as well as a sample message. 
Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association seeks theories, case reports, research, and perspectives on how art therapists integrate sex positive frameworks to support clients pursuing a satisfying sexual life. This special issue aims to disseminate theoretical paradigms, case reports, research, and perspectives that indicate how art therapists have worked with individuals, groups, agencies, institutions, and communities to incorporate sex positive frameworks. Submissions are due September 30, 2022.
M.A. Counseling Art Therapy Specialization
Caldwell University
The first CACREP accredited program of this type in the nation. The program fulfills educational requirements in both art therapy and mental health counseling.
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Member Corner
The clients I support are helping professionals who identify with burnout. I’ve long been interested in person-of-the-therapist issues and know that these tend to be unaddressed sufficiently in training programs and continuing ed opportunities.
Master of Science in Art Therapy
Mount Mary College®
Develop a sophisticated professional identity as an artist-therapist through Mount Mary University’s Master of Science in Art Therapy program. This approved program is grounded in a profound belief in the healing power of the arts and creative process. Students implement theory and practice in a wide range of clinical contexts.
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Adler University
Jun 2022
Please join us for an interactive session about the future of licensure in the art therapy profession on June 9 at 7 p.m. EST. Participants will learn more about the specific issues art therapists are currently facing — and how you can get involved to help secure licensure across the country! As you may have heard, upcoming changes to the LPC and other licenses will soon restrict the ability of art therapists to qualify. Regardless of whether your practice will be affected, these changes may be detrimental to the future of art therapy as a profession. The session, led by Tyler Kirby, AATA’s Advocacy & Public Affairs Manager, is open to all AATA members.

Engaging in licensure advocacy efforts not only helps advance the profession, but it’s an exciting way to engage and build relationships with other art therapists in your community. We hope to see you there!
Art Therapy in the News
Psych Central
“Genderfluidity is a rejection of a fixed binary of gender — that one has to identify as a man or a woman — and it allows for fluidity and for the idea that one’s gender, expression, or identity can change,” explains Saba Harouni Lurie, a licensed marriage and family therapist and board certified art therapist.
Finger Lakes Times
Making art is soothing, said Jennifer Nestor-Cardwell, an art therapist and licensed professional counselor in Roswell. "It is really healing ... especially when there aren't words for things because you are not sure what to say or the words are too scary to say," she said.
The Decaturian
Upon further realization through journaling and prayer, Haag discovered ultimate job fulfillment working with youth who sought out his professional help and actually wanted their lives made better by his work. From 2002 until 2018, Haag worked as an art therapist providing grief counseling to the children and teens of parents with terminal illnesses at Hospice of Dayton.
Discover Magazine
One of the most frustrating features of chronic pain is that it seizes your attention and commandeers your thoughts. Patients feel a lack of control, can spiral and have catastrophic thoughts, which quickly take pain from manageable to maddening. The arts can help restore a sense of control.
me&my Health Up
You have most likely heard of talk therapy for mental health... but have you heard of ART THERAPY?
In this episode of me&my health up, we speak with Megan VanMeter who specialises in Art Therapy. We discuss the what and the how of Art Therapy supporting our mental health.

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