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Physician support for the Affordable Care Act increased from 42 percent in 2012 to 53 percent in 2017, according to a survey in Health Affairs.


Editor's note: Visit APMA's health-care reform page to learn more about key provisions in the ACA for podiatrists and more.

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Finding ways to increase the number of patients seen and using technology effectively are among the ways practices help to boost their productivity.


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EpiFix® Dehydrated Human Amnion/Chorion Membrane Allograft
MiMedx Group Inc.
Intended for homologous use in the treatment acute and chronic wounds, EpiFix allografts may be stored at ambient conditions for up to 5 years and are available in a variety of sizes. Explore the use of EpiFix® in your wound treatment applications.
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Tips for improving work-life balance include identifying and reducing time-wasting activities and focusing on activities that mean the most to you.


Editor’s note: APMA’s Physician Well-Being resources at will help you manage burnout, work–life balance, and more.

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Staying current with regard to coding changes and improving clinical documentation can help practices reduce denials, according to one expert.


Editor’s note: See APMA’s resources on coding and reimbursement basics as well as balance billing at

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Practice Fusion
Some independent physicians are participating in management services organizations to share resources and risk.

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Physicians who are running behind schedule are more likely to prescribe opioids, according to a new study.


Editor’s note: Be sure to read APMA’s Opioid and Chronic Pain Management State CME Requirements and Guidelines for best practices in your state.

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CERAMENT®|BONE VOID FILLER is an injectable, moldable, drillable and radiopaque bone substitute which has been proven to remodel to host bone within 6-12 months.
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What Patients are Reading

Shopping for shoes in person rather than online and shopping later in the day can help consumers find footwear that’s right for them.


Editor’s note: Share APMA’s guide to choosing running shoes with your patients.

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When home remedies intended to treat toenail fungus don’t work, it’s best to see a podiatrist.


Editor’s note: See antifungal products awarded APMA’s Seal of Acceptance/Approval.

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Practice EHR
The Nature-Fit Difference
Tri Hawk International
Proprietary design addresses the insole issue: Rigid insoles do not allow the arch to move downward enough to fully handle the shock of a foot strike. Soft insoles collapse under pressure and cannot prevent the arch from flattening. Custom orthotics are designed to fit the patient’s flawed foot rather than make the foot healthy.
For those predisposed to having bunions, how they walk could have as much or more influence than the type of shoe they wear.


Editor’s Note: Share APMA’s free “Beat Bunion Blues” materials with your patients and download APMA’s digital brochure on bunions for your practice—you can even customize it with your practice information.

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Risk factors for fungal infections of the include age over 65, wearing artificial nails, and having diabetes.


Editor’s note: Share APMA’s toenail fungus information with your patients.

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Dr. Scholl’s Compression Socks
Renfro Corporation
Uncomplicated Style. Superior Comfort. Designed for a casual and dressy look, shop our compression socks with reinforced yarns and smooth toe seams.
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Accepting an offer from a private equity firm can lead to certain benefits, but some physicians have concerns about what happens when the new owner sells.

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While individual self-care is important, reducing physician burnout requires a change in working environments, according to one expert.


Editor’s note: Feeling burned out? Our Physician Well-Being resources at can help. Be sure to see the APMA Career Center and practice management and reimbursement resources, as well.

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Malpractice terms whose definitions physicians should know include “claims-made coverage” and “occurrence insurance.”


Editor’s note: APMA provides Medical Liability/Malpractice Reform resources for members.

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