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September 29, 2016 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
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National News

Only 20 percent of physicians reported that they are very or somewhat familiar with MACRA, according to a recent survey from the Physicians Foundation and Merritt Hawkins, and the majority of respondents do not currently have a large portion of their reimbursements time to value-based models.

Editor’s Note: If you’re among the doctors who aren’t familiar with MACRA, get up to speed at
Although the field of patient-centered medical technologies is relatively young, many technologies, especially those that tether to smartphones, are beginning to have an effect on the practice of medicine.
The movement among physicians to seek employment is driven by the thought it will be a shelter from the onslaught of coming regulations, reimbursement changes and administrative burdens — protecting valuable time spent with patients. 
If health IT vendors want doctors to be enthusiastic about new digital tools, they must prioritize improving workflow and efficiency, according to a new survey from the American Medical Association.

Editor's Note: Learn more about Health Information Technology at APMA's HIT Resource Page.
Many physicians complain that electronic health records are time-consuming and that performing EHR tasks cuts into the time they have to spend with patients. And there’s data to back that up. 
Adopting an effective corporate compliance program is in essence preventive care for the physician practice. 

Providers who are still adjusting to the ICD-10 coding transition from five characters to seven have a variety of amenities and advice available to them in the last leg of the grace period. 

Editor’s Note: October 1 is fast approaching. Is your subscription to APMA’s Coding Resource Center current? The CRC has been relaunched with faster loading times and a cleaner, smarter design. Check it out today and subscribe or renew.
Nearly half of independent physicians expect to sell their practices in the near future, but not because they want to, according to a new survey. 
Before selling your practice, bringing on a new partner or investor or entering into a new practice management relationship or joint venture, you should first determine if there are any business or regulatory risks present in your practice, as they could jeopardize your transaction or put a portion of your proceeds at risk. 
What Patients are Reading
Many runners experience heel pain and in most cases, they think that the diagnosis is plantar fasciitis. 
Did your friends and family gift you with a half-dozen pairs of adorable shoes during your baby shower? 
Dr. Yolanda Ragland is a doctor of podiatric medicine. A podiatric reconstruction forefoot surgeon, Dr. Ragland maintains offices in New York City on Park Avenue and one in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.
"Dread" probably isn't a word that comes to mind when most people think about pedicures, but that was the case for 60-year old Oak Cliff costume shop owner Iris Villarreal. 
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