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October 29, 2015 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
National News
Rates are going up in many parts of the country as a new sign-up season starts Nov. 1. But people have options if they shop around, and an upgraded government website will help them compare costs and benefits.

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The ICD-10 coding system has been in place for four weeks, and so far implementation appears to be proceeding relatively smoothly.

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ICD-10 Resources
will help you code strong.

Two top Republicans are raising concerns about the high cost of new Medicaid enrollees who signed up under Obamacare’s expansion of the program.
The budget agreement will prevent a sharp increase in Medicare premiums for more than 15 million older Americans and a deep cut in Social Security benefits for nine million disabled workers.
Millions of Medicare recipients bracing for a 52 percent premium increase are one step closer to breathing a sigh of relief thanks to a bipartisan budget deal between the White House and Congress.
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What Patients are Reading
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is recommending that adults between ages 40 to 70 who are overweight or obese be screened for abnormal blood sugar.
Reducing sugar ‘reversed virtually every aspect’ of metabolic syndrome in children studied, says author Robert Lustig, who cites fructose as a culprit in the obesity epidemic.
Officials at their neighborhood kindergarten and a nearby private academy said their diabetic son would not be allowed to attend because he has Type 1 diabetes.
A point system can calculate the risk of subsequent diabetes for women who had gestational diabetes when they delivered a baby, according to researchers.
Since the Social Security Administration announced there would be no cost-of-living adjustment for benefits in 2016, financial advisers need guidance on how to protect clients from a steep increase in Medicare premiums.
As an average person will walk over 75,000 miles by the time he or she is 50 years old, it is important we take care of our feet so they will carry us to our destinations for all our lives.
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Nearly one million ICD-10 claims were successfully processed the first time around within the first three weeks of October, confirms a press release from the Advanced Data Systems Corporation (ADS).

Editor’s note: APMA’s ICD-10 Resources will help you code strong.
As many as 14 percent of health plans sold on the federal government's insurance exchange are missing doctors in at least one common specialty from their networks.
Health insurers say increased oversight from the CMS' Office of the Actuary has made the rate-setting process for Medicaid managed-care plans less predictable.
HHS finalized waivers that help participants avoid tripping the fraud and abuse laws that police financial relationships among physicians and hospitals.
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