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June 11, 2015 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
National News

U.S. lawmakers are making their third attempt in just over a month to tweak ICD-10 with new legislation. Learn More...

Editor’s note: Prepare for the inevitable transition by using APMA’s ICD-10 Resources.

What do two divergent inflation readings have to do with a blockbuster health care deal? Quite a lot, actually. For starters, there is the potential $32 billion-plus deal for health insurance giant Humana, the bulk of whose earnings come from Medicare, the federal program that insures America's elderly.

The global diabetes rate has risen by nearly half over the past two decades, according to a new study, as obesity and the health problems it spawns have taken hold across the developing world. Learn More...

Editor's note: Studies prove care by a podiatrist helps prevent diabetes complications and saves health care dollars.

Doctors must be careful to avoid entering into payment agreements that could violate the anti-kickback statute, HHS' Office of Inspector General warned in a fraud alert Tuesday that follows a dozen recent settlements involving physician contracts.
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What Patients are Reading
In the privacy of a doctor's office, a patient can ask any question and have it be covered under doctor–patient confidentiality. But what happens when patients want to search possible symptoms of a disease or ailment online?
Gregory McCarthy, a podiatrist with Siouxland Podiatry Associates, said it's not a bad idea to wear flip flops at the pool or beach. But he cautions against putting many miles on the squishy foam footwear. You're bound to end up with foot problems.
A growing body of research indicates that exposure to bacteria and viruses affects one’s likelihood for developing a number of chronic health conditions. Increasingly, scientists are uncovering proof that certain features of the human microbiome may be a root cause of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
Many children suffer from foot problems that often go undiagnosed. There are many symptoms parents can watch for, says Dr. Bradley Lamm, DPM, a Baltimore-area foot and ankle surgeon and fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. Many parents think children can outgrow foot problems, but Dr. Lamm said it is important to get treatment.
Rebound shoes are designed to soften the blow of your feet hitting the ground during exercise.
Helping diabetes patients find new ways to monitor and treat their diabetes using their mobile devices is the goal of the partnership.
Women have approximately four times as many foot issues as men, according to the College of Podiatry — something podiatrists attribute to the wearing of high heels.
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the feet can offer a view of overall health, say experts.
Diabetes researchers are hoping that an almost century-old vaccine for
preventing tuberculosis may also reverse Type 1 diabetes.

The Supreme Court will issue a ruling this month on a lawsuit engineered by conservative activists alleging that a brief phrase in the law — "exchange established by the state" — means subsidies can only be provided to individuals residing in states that set up their own health insurance exchanges. Learn More...

Editor's note: Visit APMA's healthcare reform page to learn more about key provisions in the ACA for podiatrists and more.

Twenty of the 50 U.S. hospitals that charge the most
for their services are located in Florida — and all but one of them are
for-profit, according to a study released Monday.

At Health Datapalooza 2015, CMS announced that it is opening up access to its digital archive, which previously was only available to researchers. Learn More...

Editor's note: See APMA’s Medicaid and Medicare resources at APMA.org.


Every year beginning when he turned 45, Thomas Clark Semmes, an IT consultant for the federal government, would visit his internist for a physical. In a standard test of the sensory system that is often part of a physical, the Baltimore doctor would prick the soles of Semmes’s feet with a pin.

President Obama weighed in on the Supreme Court case during a news conference after the G-7 summit in Germany. He said all qualified Americans should be eligible for subsidies regardless of whether states set up their own health care exchanges. Learn More...

Editor’s note: See APMA’s resources on state health exchanges.

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