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June 4, 2015 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
National News
There are some eye-popping proposed Obamacare rate increases for next year. But whether they turn out to be the norm or the exception won't be known until October. To continue reading click here
Editor's note: Visit APMA's healthcare reform page for more resources and information on how the ACA affects the profession.
The House of Representatives passed a wide-ranging, controversial health care bill Saturday night after scaling back certain provisions deemed particularly onerous by hospitals.

The "Increasing Clarity for Doctors by Transitioning Effectively Now Act" is an attempt to create a 'safe harbor' for medical claim reimbursements for physician practices struggling to get ICD-10 coding correct. To continue reading click here.
 Editor’s note: APMA’s ICD-10 Resources will help you prepare for the transition to happen October 1, 2015


Medicare continues to transition its primary physician payment methodology from a traditional fee-for-service model into a quality and value-based model. Recently, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate adjustment (SGR) to the Medicare physician fee schedule. Click here to continue reading.
Editor’s note: Learn more about MIPS and how it affects podiatry by watching the Health Policy Regulatory Update webinar.

As this dangerous disease continues to threaten lives and reduce quality of living for millions of patients, podiatric medical professionals have found their roles evolving.
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What Patients are Reading
Ami Sheth, DPM, sees a lot of bashful patients. They have warts or nail fungus, calluses or athlete's foot. They're not only embarrassed because the conditions make them want to hide in sneakers during sandal season, but they cower in Dr. Sheth’s office because many think "it's petty" to seek help, says De. Sheth, a podiatrist in Los Gatos, California, and spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association.
Sandals were found throughout the ancient world and made with many different materials; however, they all had one thing in common. Sandals were all found in hot climates where there was a need to protect feet on the bottom but also a need to keep them cool on the top.
I have Type 2 diabetes, and my doctor is always bugging me about losing weight. Now I hear that people with Type 2 who are overweight live longer than those who have Type 2 and are "normal" weight. If that's true, whoopee, no more diets! What do you think?
In addition to eating too much food, we are also consuming the wrong kinds of foods, says Ray Sahelian, M.D., a nationally recognized expert on supplements and author of Mind Boosters. Our diets include too many high-carb, highly processed foods and too many simple sugars, which stress the body, he tells Newsmax Health. The body becomes unable to respond properly to insulin, and the result is diabetes.

This week is the second annual Wound Care Awareness Week. Chronic wounds are a growing concern in our society. They occur in many people, but those with diabetes, obesity, poor circulation, and with low mobility are at a higher risk of getting a chronic wound. With an aging population and rises in the rates of diabetes and obesity, we are seeing more patients in need of wound care. Click here to continue reading.
 Editor's note: Studies prove care by a podiatrist helps prevent diabetes complications and saves health-care dollars.

Injuries have knocked down several other regulars for part of this season, and Zimmerman does not play untroubled. Since mid-April, the Nationals first baseman has dealt with plantar fasciitis, the chronic, painful condition that lingers even with daily treatment. For the most part, Zimmerman has played seemingly unaffected. Click here to continue reading. 
Editor's note: Order heel pain brochures for your practice at APMA’s secure e-Store. 

Why is healthcare so much more expensive in this country compared to other nations? The latest number I saw was the U.S. spends $8,500 per person versus number two, Norway, at $5,700.
Late in 2014, Woods underwent radiation treatment for cancer that created internal healing issues in her chest. Dr. John Martin, who is the Medical Director of the Wound Center, prescribed treatment inside a hyperbaric chamber to facilitate healing of the internal tissues.
A significant number of San Antonians are dealing with diabetes, so it’s only fitting that an Alamo City company is advancing technology which could prove critical in helping treat diabetic wounds.
Traveling with diabetes doesn’t have to complicate your itinerary. With a little planning ahead, you’ll be able to keep your mind on sightseeing and not on glucose management.
Plantar fasciitis occurs when the band of tissue that stretches across the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed and painful.
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Naylor, LLC
Naylor Association Solutions
A new study by University of Iowa microbiologists now suggests that bacteria may even be a cause of one of the most prevalent diseases of our time—Type 2 diabetes.
Patients with gout may have a lower risk for developing dementia according to recently published results of a study of patients in Taiwan.
Because gout occurs 3–4 times more frequently in males than it does in females, there's a perception that women don’t get gout, so doctors often misdiagnose it in women.
A new study has found a reduced risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in patients with Type 2 diabetes, Medical News Today reported.
Medicare currently pays for most healthcare services on a fee-for-service, or FFS, basis, paying doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers separately for each item and service furnished to a patient.
The hacking of the health records of as many as 1 in 3 Americans has awoken the health care industry to an unpleasant reality: After spending billions to install computerized documents in hospitals and networks, it now must spend billions more to make them secure. Click here to continue reading.
Editor’s Note: Don’t miss APMA’s Health IT resources on APMA.org.  
But it’s in aggregate that ICD-10 will really show its worth. The industry is increasingly turning to data analytics to manage population health and predict and prevent problems, and the more detailed the data, the more valuable it is.
A short drive in the Los Angeles area can yield big differences in price for knee or hip replacement surgery.
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