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November 2, 2023 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
Dormer Laboratories Inc.
National News
Healthcare Dive
A new proposed rule is intended to make the independent dispute resolution process more efficient.
American Medical Association
Physician participation in accountable care organizations has increased steadily over the last 10 years, according to a new survey.
Fierce Healthcare
The percentage of patients who accessed their medical records online has increased significantly since 2020, according to a federal report.
Salicylic Acid... In a Penetrating Glycolic Acid Vehicle
The Tetra Corporation®
GlyCylic®’s vehicle (glycolic acid) works to break the bonds between the outer layers of the wart, including dead skin cells, and open pathways for the Salicylic Acid to achieve deep penetration.

GlyCylic® - is the first wart remover formulated with salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxy acid), glycolic acid (an alpha-hydroxyl acid), and immunomodulatory, virucidal, anti-scarring, and antiseptic ingredients that condition the emerging skin and promote healing while minimizing swelling, irritation, inflammation, and scarring.

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Medical Economics
A new study of patient preferences found that a majority preferred electronic payment or billing reminders.
American Medical Association
Tips for finishing 2023 on a high note include meeting the end-of-year scheduling needs of patients and enrolling in online payer platforms.
Medical Economics
Almost half of the patients who responded to a recent survey indicated that they felt unprepared and anxious before an appointment with their physician.
BINAR S.r.l.
Healthcare Finance News
While artificial intelligence has the potential to improve administrative efficiency in a number of ways, it also could increase the risk of data breaches, according to a new report.
Physicians Practice
Advertising on both health-care specific and mainstream job platforms can increase the likelihood of a successful hire.
Affordable Pricing Plans Designed for Growing Practices!
Power Diary®
Power Diary offers affordable pricing plans starting at $9.50 per month for the first six months! Built specifically to meet the needs of evolving healthcare practices, we offer a robust suite of over 100 in-app features. From client management to scheduling and billing, we've got you covered on our ISO 27001 and HIPAA-certified platform. 
Power up your practice today and claim your free trial - no credit card required!
What Patients are Reading
Adequate cushioning and shock absorption are keys for shoes intended for walking on hard surfaces.
In cold weather, insulation, water resistance, and good grip are important factors to look for in footwear.
Things to look for in house shoes include support and toe protection.
Disclaimer: Stories from sources other than APMA do not necessarily reflect APMA positions or policies. APMA does not endorse these stories. This content appears in the News Brief to enhance members' understanding of how media coverage shapes perceptions of podiatric medicine, and to educate members about what their patients, legislators and other healthcare professionals are seeing in the media.



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