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September 24, 2020 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
Society for Vascular Surgery
National News
Offering payment plans and online options are among the tips for improving collections.
Editor’s note: Check out sample letter and tips to help you communicate with patients about out-of-network status and more. Also see resources on balance billing.
Using exam room space efficiently can lead to a number of benefits for a physician practice.
According to a recent study, the top frustrations physician mothers experience when returning to work following maternity leave include the challenge of securing child care and discrimination related to the length of their maternity leave.
A study involving a range of health-care organizations, including physician practices, found that larger organizations weren't always the most secure when it comes to cybersecurity.
Editor’s note: Visit APMA’s Health IT resource page for guidance to help doctors and hospitals with EHR selection, security, implementation, and other issues.
The Tetra Corporation
Synovis Micro Companies Alliance
The DERMACLOSE Continuous External Tissue Expander device facilitates rapid tissue movement to reduce or reapproximate wounds. After the initial application has been completed the DERMACLOSE device does not require any additional tightening. Once the desired tissue expansion has occurred the device(s) can be removed and the wound can be closed with suture or staples.
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Only 11 percent of registered voters surveyed for a recent poll rated the U.S. health-care system as excellent.
New data details the scope of the continuing gender-based wage gap among physicians.
What Patients are Reading
Recommendations for fall shoes include footwear that provides stability and support.
Editor's note: Check out the latest list of APMA Seal-Accepted products and recommend them to your patients.
Persistently cold feet may be a sign of poor circulation. 
Editor’s note: Share APMA’s PAD information with your patients.​
There are several simple ways to determine whether footwear should be replaced.
Simplify, Automate & Grow Your Business
Power Diary®
Power Diary’s clinic-management tools and features will make running a health practice easier and provide a fuss-free experience for the patient.
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There are a number of factors to considering when a physician practice is deciding whether to outsource is billing. 
Clinicians at health systems, who typically have access to more sophisticated technology, have performed better with regard to their MIPS performance score than other physicians, according to a recent study.
Editor's note: Visit for up-to-date information related to the 2020 MIPS performance year.
Ortho-Dynamics Orthotic Laboratory
Since our inception in 1990, Ortho-Dynamics has been committed to engineering the highest quality custom orthotics and foot & ankle braces. Our motto says it all: "Leadership in Foot Care Technology... Partnership in Foot Care!"
Cadence Insoles
Free Trial!  Sold in Podiatry clinics across the country, Cadence provide varying degrees of semi-rigid support with enhanced shock absorbing comfort under the heel and forefoot.  Exclusive models available.  Call or email for a free pair. 805-458-0567
Disclaimer: Stories from sources other than APMA do not necessarily reflect APMA positions or policies. APMA does not endorse these stories. This content appears in the News Brief to enhance members' understanding of how media coverage shapes perceptions of podiatric medicine, and to educate members about what their patients, legislators and other healthcare professionals are seeing in the media.



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