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January 10, 2019 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
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National News
The DME MACs have recently begun strictly enforcing a long-existing policy, “Same and Similar.” This has resulted in suppliers more frequently receiving denials for DME, indicated on EOBs with reason code, “M3.”
A new study finds that patients' satisfaction with a practice's administrative staff is far lower than their satisfaction with their clinical provider.
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Private equity firms are showing increasing interest in acquiring physician practices, according to new research.
Potential resolutions for physicians include finding ways to increase delegation of tasks and improving communication with staff and patients.
A new study attributes the increase in health-care spending in the United States primarily to pricing.
Nemo Health
Finding ways to attract new patients while reducing the rate of no-shows can increase the economic health of a physician practice.
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According to a new study, telemedicine can result in increased satisfaction with postoperative care following vascular surgery.
Editor’s note: Read APMA’s telemedicine issue brief, results of our nationwide teledoc survey, and more on this emerging trend in medicine.
What Patients are Reading
Daily foot examinations and checkups with a podiatrist are an important part of care for patients with diabetes.
Because of their lack of arch support, ballet flats can contribute to heel pain.
Making sure the shoes you select are right for the activities you engage is an important part of choosing the right footwear.
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A number of options are available for people suffering from painful flat feet.
Surgery can be an option when pain resulting from bunions begins disrupting everyday activities.
Editor’s Note: Share APMA’s free “Beat Bunion Blues” materials with your patients.
Practice EHR
Reasons for the high percentage of physicians who marry within the field of health-care include shared experiences and availability.
Two hospital associations have asked Congress to find a legislative solution to surprise billing.
In a large survey of health-care consumers, slightly more than half of respondents indicated that the most important factors in their decision regarding health-care providers were convenience and access to care.
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Disclaimer: Stories from sources other than APMA do not necessarily reflect APMA positions or policies. APMA does not endorse these stories. This content appears in the News Brief to enhance members' understanding of how media coverage shapes perceptions of podiatric medicine, and to educate members about what their patients, legislators and other healthcare professionals are seeing in the media.



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