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April 6, 2017 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA)
National News
For years, patients have been hearing the same message from the health-care industry: Get involved. 
With a business-friendly president in the Oval Office, Republicans in Congress are hoping 2017 will be the year for major tort reforms.
Editor’s note: APMA provides Medical Liability/Malpractice Reform resources for members.
This year, physicians can avoid a payment penalty in the Medicare Quality Payment Program by simply submitting a minimal amount of data.
Editor’s note: Check out APMA’s MACRA resources and don’t miss our MACRA and MIPS Panel Discussion on April 20 at 8 p.m.
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Cipher Pharmaceuticals
Electronic heath records (EHRs) and other forms of health information technology have the potential to significantly improve care delivery and patient outcomes.
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What Patients are Reading
When it comes to addressing their overall health and well being, few people put their best foot forward. 
A bone spur is a painful bump on the top of the foot which is actually a bony enlargement. 
Most Podiatrists will agree that you have to take care of your health when you live with this disease – and for them – taking care of your feet, in order to prevent amputations, is a must!
The Goldfarb Foundation
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With warm weather finally on the horizon, it's almost time to take your feet out of hiding and let them bask in the open-toe-sandal glory of spring. 
Our feet are flexible structures made of bones, muscles, joints, and tissues – and they are a very important part of our bodies. 
Physicians participating in Medicare accountable care organizations (ACOs) are only moderately convinced they do what was intended: deliver more cost-effective care.
Editor’s note: APMA has resources on ACOs free to members.
Being a doctor pays well, but there are still major discrepancies when it comes to paychecks within the medical profession, a new physician survey shows.
Editor’s note: See APMA’s podiatric practice survey data for information on practice type, income, and more.
It’s a common criticism of the Medicaid program—that the doctor participation rate is lower than the rate for Medicare beneficiaries or the privately insured.
Editor’s note: See APMA’s principles on healthcare reform and Medicaid resources on
An unexpected spike in Medicare reimbursement, if missed by a provider, could be enough for federal officials to conclude it wasn’t doing enough to spot and refund overpayments.
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As the debate continues about the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a new study finds that almost half of doctors support a single-payer healthcare system. 
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Disclaimer: Stories from sources other than APMA do not necessarily reflect APMA positions or policies. APMA does not endorse these stories. This content appears in the News Brief to enhance members' understanding of how media coverage shapes perceptions of podiatric medicine, and to educate members about what their patients, legislators and other healthcare professionals are seeing in the media.



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