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March 16, 2017 In This Issue
National News
What PATIENTS Are Reading
Podiatry Insurance Company of America (PICA)
National News
Everyone reported the top-line numbers from Monday's analysis of the House Republicans' American Health Care Act, a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
Editor's note: Visit APMA's health care reform page for information about the ACA.
States must administer their own Medicaid programs in an effort to meet the needs of vulnerable populations in the most cost-effective manner, said new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in their first joint letter to the nation's governors.
Editor's note: See APMA’s Medicaid resources at
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Burnout, depression, and even thoughts of suicide can start early in physicians’ careers. 
Doctors may be unknowingly forgoing hundreds of millions in federal funding that would compensate them to better care for the sickest Medicare beneficiaries, and the CMS is launching a national campaign Wednesday to encourage physicians to take advantage of the funds. 
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What Patients are Reading
For this active 70-year-old, ankle replacement surgery changed everything. 
There has been a growing concern that running is dangerous for children. 
Research shows that diabetes often causes problems with feet and legs and these problems can be severe.
Editor's note: Studies prove care by a podiatrist helps prevent diabetes complications and saves health-care dollars.
As you know, socks are a staple of everyone’s wardrobe.
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Ancillary services can boost practice revenue and be a major convenience for patients, but regulatory challenges and competition from hospitals and other players mean that physicians need to think more strategically than ever about their service menu. 
While technology can help patients play bigger roles in how and when they receive care, providers may need to contend with cultural shifts, consumerism and shifting reimbursement models first.
Just as digital technology has transformed every aspect of our lives, the introduction of digital health devices will provide an opportunity to solve two of the hardest problems in medical care delivery—patient-oriented and individualized, timely and convenient service and seamless communication.
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The False Claims Act (FCA) prohibits anyone from knowingly submitting a false claim for payment to the federal government. The FCA covers every claim for Medicare reimbursement, so every physician's practice group should understand what it is and how it works. It creates the risk of massive civil damages and civil penalties. 
The details of what will come when the Affordable Care Act is repealed are not yet finalized, however high on President Donald Trump's list on healthcare reform is the idea that patients should have the ability to compare prices before they decide on a doctor or facility for their healthcare. 
Value-based purchasing is not a new term for many providers, yet 46.4 percent of healthcare providers and leaders are still unsure how the shift away from fee-for-service payments will impact their revenue cycles, a recent Physicians Practice survey stated. 
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Disclaimer: Stories from sources other than APMA do not necessarily reflect APMA positions or policies. APMA does not endorse these stories. This content appears in the News Brief to enhance members' understanding of how media coverage shapes perceptions of podiatric medicine, and to educate members about what their patients, legislators and other healthcare professionals are seeing in the media.



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