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As 2014 comes to a close, APMA wishes its members, partners and other podiatric medical professionals a safe and happy holiday season. We hope you enjoy this special "year in review" issue of APMA News Brief, with a look at the most popular articles from 2014. Our regular publication will resume Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015.
Given that ESE is the primary source of coverage for Americans, any change to this market is of significant interest to employers. Click here to continue reading.

Editor’s note: Learn more about health insurance exchanges and read APMA’s policy briefs at APMA's healthcare reform page.
Based on the Massachusetts' health care reform experience, full implementation of the Affordable Care Act could lead to increased rates of discretionary surgeries, according to a study published July 2 in JAMA Surgery. Click here to continue reading.

Editor's note: Visit APMA's healthcare reform page for more resources and information on how the ACA affects the profession.
The elimination of the exemption, a U-turn after earlier granting such payments a carve-out, was among several intended changes to the Open Payments program included in the proposed Physician Fee Schedule for Calendar Year 2015. Click here to continue reading.

Editor’s note: Read APMA’s coverage of the proposed CME Sunshine exemption on APMA.org.
CMS has followed through with its stated intention of requiring electronic health records for payment of chronic care management (CCM), proposing in its 2015 physician payment rule that physicians receive a separate payment for CCM services, but only if they are using at least the 2014 edition of certified EHR technology. Click here to continue reading.

Editor’s note: Review APMA’s EHR resources for more information on purchasing an EHR system.
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Those who invested early on in ICD-10 implementation may feel a level of frustration with recently signed legislation delaying ICD-10 compliance one year to Oct. 1, 2015, but it may be a blessing in disguise. Click here to continue reading.

Editor’s note: Check out APMA’s ICD-10 Resources to help you prepare for the transition.
It’s sandal season, which means that nail salons are busy clipping, buffing and polishing toes galore. Tending those colorful toes, though, poses some health risks that should be considered, doctors say.
Among the physical obstacles athletes can face are conditions that affect the feet. Many of these problems can be avoided with good preventive care.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is restarting the controversial Recovery Audit Contractor Program — in a limited fashion — in August. Click here to continue reading.

Editor’s note: Access APMA’s Medicare (and Medicaid) RAC resources on APMA.org.
Pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, will face hundreds of lawsuits filed by women who claimed that the drug, Lipitor, has caused them to develop type 2 diabetes and suffer from other side effects.
CMS has launched its online Open Payments System, which aims to boost transparency by making public the payments healthcare providers receive from drugmakers and medical device manufacturers. Click here to continue reading.

Editor’s note: Read more details about APMA’s Sunshine Act advocacy efforts on APMA.org.



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