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2024 is shaping up to be an increasingly curious year.

I’m not talking about the new-fangled music the kids wiggle to on the TikTok, nor am I speaking to major world events close and far. I’m definitely not talking about the latest major motion picture or even the weather!

No, 2024 is looking strange and somewhat alien because this May is…manageable.
In a perfect world, every locate request you submit would result in a response before the date you choose in the “Job Start Date” field, right? Well, despite everyone’s best intentions, that doesn’t always happen. There are a variety of reasons for delayed responses.
It is evident in all areas of damage prevention that the 2024 Dig Season is well underway.  As we see the weather begin to change (hopefully for the better), we also see an increase in One-Call tickets being placed.  With that increase also comes the inevitable increase in wait times for locates to be completed.  The rollout of the Alternate Locate Provider program has been a hot topic this spring within Alberta’s damage prevention industry, with its main goal to increase the number of locate professionals and, in turn, decrease locate wait times.

Underground Facility Locator (UFL) Training Program
Locate Management Institute®
LMI’s Underground Facility Locator (UFL) Training Program adheres to CAPULC’s 3-step competency cycle and includes:

·  8-hour online course
· 16-hour (2-day) field training by “Certified Locator” instructors
· Underground Facility Locator Field Task Competency Manual

Learn theory, active, passive, advanced & unconventional methods. Understand obstacles & apply troubleshooting techniques.

Calgary June 13-14
Regina June 17-18
Brandon June 24-25

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The Consortium of shallow infrastructure owners officially launched the Alternate Locate Provider Program (ALP) participant assessments in April. The ALP Program provides an alternative option for receiving locates by working directly with locate service providers. The ALP process is not mandatory and works in parallel with the standard One Call locate request process, which remains the default option for any locate request. USP is acting as a facilitator for the ALP Program for the Consortium to ensure effective program oversight and consistent locate request processes are in place across all stakeholders.
First Alert Locating Ltd.
You know that feeling when you are trying to complete a complicated task on a deadline when your phone won’t stop ringing or colleagues keep popping up on Teams to ask questions? Arrgh! Right?

Work life is filled with interruptions, especially now that a lot of us work from home. Interruptions are more than just a minor annoyance. In fact, losing your focus has a measurable effect on your productivity and the quality of your work.
Locate Subsurface Assets – Accurately & Quickly
PelicanCorp Canada®
Map subsurface infrastructure and share this critical data with your office in seconds with Geolantis.360. Powered by PelicanCorp, Geolantis.360 redefines mapping practices, eliminating the need for paper maps and manual workflows, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

Modernize your business with Geolantis.360 – a vendor-agnostic solution that integrates with your choice of GNSS and RTK devices.
See how Geolantis.360 advances your utility mapping process
For three decades, Saskatchewan has boasted the amazing and long-standing Contractor Safety Breakfasts across the province every April. Once managed by the Saskatchewan Contractor Safety Awareness Association, and now by the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance, the annual breakfasts promote DigSafe awareness to over 2000 contractors. For the past few years, the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance and Utility Safety Partners have teamed up in the Alberta/Saskatchewan border town of Lloydminster to host the event.

Vivax Canada
T2 Utility Engineers
Live music unlocks joy in the hearts of those living with early-onset dementia. In Episode 54 of The Safety Moment Podcast, host Mike Sullivan speaks with Kelly Morstad, founder of YouQuest, an organization that leverages live music to enhance the lives of people dealing with early-onset dementia in Calgary. The conversation dives deep into the transformative power of music, the journey of building YouQuest, and how music continues to uplift and rekindle hope for those affected.
Don't Miss Out on the Locate Game
Global Training Centre®
Become an ALP! Tired of the locating process? Elevate with the ALP program!

Gain Credibility: Use ALP designation for trust. New Business: Be the sought-after choice for efficient services.

Available virtually or in Classroom.

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Stay cool and safe this summer with the latest episode of the Safety Moment Podcast!

In Episode 55 of the Safety Moment Podcast by Utility Safety Partners, host Mike Sullivan dives into the top five workplace hazards that come with the sweltering summer months. Joined by Doug Downs from Stories and Strategies, this episode is packed with essential tips to keep you safe and sound while working under the sun.

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ASTEC Safety Inc.