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Late last month, and over two-and-a-half days, Utility Safety Partners held its 40th Anniversary and Safety Conference at the Banff Springs Hotel. While it was an opportunity to get ready for yet another digging season, it was also dedicated to honouring those whose hard work, dedication and vision helped get us here.
The Alternate Locate Service Provider (ALSP) Program signifies a progressive milestone in the damage prevention industry, providing an innovative collaborative approach to enhance the efficiency of the locate process in Alberta. Recognizing the escalating challenges in keeping pace with the growing demand for locates during peak periods and the need to manage the costs associated with protracted timelines, the initiation of the ALSP Program is a positive response to a “real world” challenge that will better support industry's dedication to safety, and the evolution of the damage prevention process. 

Is it March already?  

On one hand, we’re most of the way through the Spring Gauntlet of Document Review & Revision > Hiring > Training, however on the other hand I am merely half done training our (now confirmed) two training groups. There is an end in sight, but despite how tantalizingly close it may feel, we’re not quite finished here yet. 
Underground Facility Locator (UFL) Training Program
Locate Management Institute®
LMI’s Underground Facility Locator (UFL) Training Program adheres to CAPULC’s 3-step competency cycle and includes:
  • 8-hour online knowledge course
  • 16-hour (2-day) field training delivered by “Certified Locator” instructors
  • Underground Facility Locator Field Task Competency Manual
Learn electromagnetic theory, active, passive, advanced and unconventional locating methods. Understand obstacles and apply troubleshooting techniques.
Grande Prairie – May 23-24
Edmonton – June 13-14
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Big strides in safety training take centre stage in Episode 50 of The Safety Moment podcast.

In this episode we unpack an initiative set to redefine industrial safety standards. Debbie Shelley from Global Training and Jeff Mulligan with Aztec Safety join Mike Sullivan. Together, they introduce us to the birth of the Alternate Locate Provider training program, a first in Canadian safety practices.
First Alert Locating Ltd.
The Annual Canadian Common Ground Alliance (CCGA) Damage Prevention Symposium is a signature event for the CCGA, attracting damage prevention management professionals and decision makers from across Canada, including stakeholder groups such as municipalities, excavator contractors, oil and gas, telecommunications, electrical transmission/distribution, water and sewer, telecom, emergency management, surveyors, regulators, trenchless industries, notification centre members, locate service providers and administrators, engineers, insurance, risk management operations, and others who support safety and damage prevention.

Locate Subsurface Assets – Accurately & Quickly
PelicanCorp Canada®
Map subsurface infrastructure and share this critical data with your office in seconds with Geolantis.360. Powered by PelicanCorp, Geolantis.360 redefines mapping practices, eliminating the need for paper maps and manual workflows, ushering in a new era of efficiency.

Modernize your business with Geolantis.360 – a vendor-agnostic solution that integrates with your choice of GNSS and RTK devices.
See how Geolantis.360 advances your utility mapping process
On Feb. 26, 2024, Utility Safety Partners presented the inaugural USP Industry Recognition Awards for Excavator of the Year, Locator of the Year and Member of the Year at a gala awards dinner at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. The dinner and ceremony were part of Utility Safety Partners’ 40th Anniversary and Safety Conference.
Vivax Canada
T2 Utility Engineers
Contrary to the pile of snow on the ground, spring weather is just around the corner and our safety ambassadors are gearing up for another season of spreading knowledge and raising awareness about working safely near energy and utility lines.
Don't Miss Out on the Locate Game
Global Training Centre®
Become an ALP! Tired of the locating process? Elevate with the ALP program!

Gain Credibility: Use ALP designation for trust. New Business: Be the sought-after choice for efficient services.

Available virtually or in Classroom.

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When you think about it, wellness generally, and mental health, are clearly safety issues, particularly in a world now learning to live through a global pandemic.

Fleur Yumol is trained as a clinical registered social worker meaning she has a master’s level in social work that allows her to provide counseling to individuals, families, and couples. She’s part of the team at Unify, which provides employee assistance to employees of Utility Safety Partners. Fleur recently joined Mike Sullivan on an episode of The Safety Moment podcast.
IVIS Construction Inc.
ASTEC Safety Inc.