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A Closer Look at USP’s Contact Centre Operations
November 2023

By Josef Rosenburg

Brr! It’s that time of the year again, where “fall” is the official season, but as most Canadians know, that just means “winter, but with a couple more plus 2 C days.” Things have successfully wound down, and now that things aren’t quite frozen, but are mucky and cold and generally unpleasant, Excavators have thrown in the proverbial towel for the year and are getting ready to hunker down with the rest of us.

Of course, here at USP, the pre-winter season is when things start getting interesting again each year. As I’ve regaled those who read this column in the past, we are once again reviewing policies (fun!), updating documentation (thrilling!) and drafting new procedures (electrifying!). Nothing on the scale of say, the performance management policy overhaul that occurred last year (though we are once again tweaking it to our very particular specifications), but your usual mish-mash of necessary Excel-sheeting and Word-documenting that any ISO-compliant business must take care of in modern times.

We, of course, still need to step back, take a deep breath, and ask the difficult questions when reflecting on the previous season.

Where did we succeed in the last season?

Where did we fail?

What can we do better? Or, more importantly, how can we serve the safety of our custodial provinces better?

There are many questions to answer this winter, but I think we can all agree that the best action is that which increases the safety of excavators, and lessens the occurrences of damages in the coming year!


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