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Utility Safety Partners 2023 Digital Advertising Campaign

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By Mike Sullivan, President, Utility Safety Partners

USP continued to shift additional focus to its digital ad campaign in 2023 and thanks to the good people at Stories and Strategies, the successful campaign was summed up in this 2023 report posted to YouTube a few weeks ago.

In short, the campaign generated over 211 million total ad impressions, over 1.25 Million clicks and over 7.5 million video views! And what was even more impressive is over half of those impressions came from rural Alberta! 

“Shifting additional focus to the digital ad campaign was intentional,” says Doug Downs of Stories and Strategies. "We intentionally eliminated radio advertising in the major urban centres and shifted those resources to the digital campaign. The results have been sensational!”

The data was truly rewarding and perhaps the most impressive was the 60 thousand browsers who visited the Submit a Locate Request page of our website and that 85 per cent to 90 per cent of all USP website traffic originated from the ad campaign that ran between April 13 and Sept. 30.


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