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The Complementary Value of Utility Safety Partners’ Safety Ambassadors

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The Complementary Value of Utility Safety Partners’ Safety Ambassadors


Explaining the obvious can be challenging! Intrinsically, there are times when we "just know” what we’re doing is the right way of doing it. Defending the obvious, though, can be mind-bending!

Utility Safety Partners boasts one of the strongest public awareness and engagement programs among all the Notification Centres in Canada and we get a lot of help from our members – many of whom are transmission pipeline companies that are legally required to maintain ongoing public awareness programs. While our program doesn’t replace those programs, it needs to be complementary – and that means it also has to be internally complementary meaning, everything we do needs to be supported.

Our Safety Ambassadors are individuals who help to promote damage prevention awareness and safety and ensure compliance with safety regulations. They play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining a safe environment. But do they add value? Yes, they absolutely do, and here’s why.

Firstly, Safety Ambassadors are responsible for promoting safety awareness. They educate and promote awareness on safety measures, behaviours, best practices and regulations to ensure everyone understands how to work near buried and overhead energy and utility assets. This knowledge helps to prevent accidents, injuries, and possibly even fatalities. 

Secondly, Safety Ambassadors are helping to create a safety culture. Safety culture refers to the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values that individuals share in regards to safety. By promoting safety and adhering to safety regulations, Safety Ambassadors help to create a culture where safety is a priority. This culture ensures that everyone in the workplace or public space prioritizes safety, and individuals hold themselves accountable for their safety and the safety of others.

Thirdly, Safety Ambassadors help to prevent accidents and incidents. Their presence, promotion of best practices and safety regulations act as a deterrent to risky behaviours and practices. This prevention complements USP’s broad advertising campaign and services and is especially important in workplaces where hazards are present. The prevention of accidents and incidents reduces the risk of injuries, fatalities, and the financial and legal consequences that come with them.

Fourthly, Safety Ambassadors are helping promote compliance with safety regulations. While they are not Inspectors and have no jurisdictional authority, their experience and knowledge was a critical to their hiring.

Safety Ambassadors play a critical role in promoting safety, creating a safety culture, preventing accidents and incidents, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and identifying potential hazards. Their efforts contribute to a safe environment and prevent injuries, fatalities, and the financial and legal consequences that come with them. Companies and organizations should consider appointing Safety Ambassadors to promote safety and protect their employees and customers.


Mike Sullivan – President, Utility Safety Partners


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