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AHVAP’s Offices will be closed in observance of the holidays on December 23 & 26 and January 2. The AHVAP HQ Team wishes you and your families the happiest holidays and a Happy New Year!

Based on member feedback and the evolving needs of our growing Association, AHVAP is adopting a new model for Association Management that builds a comprehensive network of experts to accomplish the evolving needs of our Association.
As a profession, we must be agile and able to rapidly respond to the frequently changing market dynamics. Healthcare is undergoing significant changes that impact clinical, operational, and financial metrics across our entire continuum of care. To grow, we must expand the Association and grow our profession into one that is externally recognized by key stakeholders such as healthcare executives, patient safety experts, and other clinical and operational leaders. The profession of healthcare value analysis must be clearly defined to healthcare executives, and over the next five years, the AHVAP Board of Directors and Executive Team will continue to advance our mission and vision based on a robust and forward-thinking strategic plan. Our goal is to provide AHVAP members with access to world-class, accredited clinical education, and professional development opportunities.
Healthcare is a contact sport, and one that requires a constant attention to detail. Most importantly, however, it takes courageous leadership that transcends organizations both vertically and horizontally to advance evidence-based practice and reduce preventable costs. AHVAP is built on the backs of many brave and courageous leaders including Founding members, Past Presidents and Board Members, Industry Partners, expert speakers, and many other stakeholders. What makes AHVAP special and truly unique is its open spirit of collaboration and dedication to advancing the specialty of healthcare value analysis. This partnership between clinical providers, healthcare systems, distributors, contractors/consultants, manufacturers, and other partners is one-of-a-kind and positions AHVAP to truly take the specialty to new heights.
As our AHVAP Treasurer, I could not be more pleased with the financial trajectory of our Association. Despite tremendous market challenges and rising inflation, AHVAP continues to grow in terms of revenue. Over the next year, we will continue to make additional strategic investments into improving systems to deliver upon our promise to each of you as members. Our overall finances continue to perform well, and the next fiscal year will be a banner year for AHVAP as we add new programming, educational content, and increase our certification program’s reach. I look forward to continuing to see AHVAP go to new heights in 2023.
How Wellstar Health Transformed their Value Analysis Process
Greenlight Medical®
Wellstar Health leveraged people, processes, and technology to:
  • Streamline product requests and evaluation across the enterprise
  • Centralize product data and communications to reduce decision time
  • Integrate product research and clinical evidence into product reviews 
  • Transform physician and medical chair engagement in the decision-making process
Read their story
AHVAP Education
The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals (AHVAP) is pleased to announce a special, joint webinar with the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) focused on integrating EBP for the operating room into the clinical value analysis process. During this webinar program, an overview of the AORN Guidelines will be provided with special emphasis on integrating these evidence-based practices into the clinical value analysis process. The program will also review the AORN recommendations for clinical product evaluation.
AHVAP Spotlight

The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals, Inc. (AHVAP) has a new mailing address, help desk email, dedicated CVAHP Certification help desk and phone number effective December 9, 2022. Please update your contacts for us with the new information below. This updated contact information is also now available on the AHVAP website. 

New Mailing Address:
2870 Peachtree Rd NW #915-7500
Atlanta, GA 30305

New AHVAP Headquarters Phone Number:
(888) 400-6844

New AHVAP Help Desk Email to assist with membership, clinical education, annual conference, and all other AHVAP member benefits:

New AHVAP Certification Help Desk to assist with all questions regarding CVAHP certification and recertification: 

New AHVAP Executive Director, Dr. Hudson Garrett Jr.: 

If you have sent anything to our previous mailing address, not to worry, it will reach us at our new offices as we have a full year of forwarding services through our partners at the USPS. 

Thank you for your continued membership in the premier healthcare value analysis association! 

Our most valuable asset in AHVAP is YOU, Our Amazing Members. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity (COCA) provides timely, accurate, and credible information to clinicians related to emergency preparedness and response and emerging public health threats. COCA fosters partnerships with national clinician organizations to strengthen information-sharing networks before, during, and after a public health emergency.

COCA helps to strengthen the emergency response capacity of clinicians by:

  • Disseminating evidence-based health information and public health emergency messages to clinicians

  • Collaborating with clinicians to develop communication strategies that support health risk reduction opportunities during public emergencies

  • Providing and promoting emergency preparedness and response training opportunities for clinicians

During COCA Calls/Webinars, subject matter experts present key emergency preparedness and response topics, followed by meaningful Q&A with participants. Each COCA Call/Webinar will offer the most up to date information and guidance for clinicians. Continuing Education is available for most calls/webinars.

To register for future COCA calls, visit: https://emergency.cdc.gov/coca/subscribe.asp.

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
C Change Surgical
AHVAP’s Board of Directors is currently conducting a refresh of all AHVAP Committees to ensure that they are directly aligned with the AHVAP Strategic Plan and future needs of the organization. Committee Chairs and Members will be appointed by AHVAP President, Elizabeth Eisenberg, in January after a thorough review of each committee charter has been completed. If you are interested in joining a committee, please email the AHVAP team: info@ahvap.org.  
Annual Conference Update
The AHVAP Team is currently finalizing the conference details for our 2023 conference. We just finished reviewing the surveys from the conference in Dallas and other member feedback. We will have exciting announcements to make for our 2023 conference right after the holiday season. Stay tuned to www.ahvap.org for more information. A revised exhibitor prospectus will also be released at the same time. We look forward to seeing each of you at the 2023 conference!
How can you create a high-performing Value Analysis Program?
ECRI Institute®
Connect to industry-leading pricing intelligence and clinical evidence in a scalable, all-in-one technology platform that grows with you as you advance your processes.                           
Learn more
AHVAP Certification Center News

The AHVAP Board of Directors and Executive Team would like to recognize Beth Potter for her tremendous contributions as our outgoing CVAHP™ Committee Chair. Beth’s contributions over the years to AHVAP are truly monumental, and her passion for advancing the CVAHP™ certification is unmatched. Beth has worked with many certificants and candidates to seek and advance their professional certification journeys. This level of volunteer spirit is truly world-class, and our association is thankful to leaders like Beth for giving so much of themselves to advance our professional association and profession.

The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals, Inc. (AHVAP) is excited to announce a brand-new offering for AHVAP members that currently hold the CVAHP certification designation. Have you ever worried about if you had enough continuing education units to recertify your CVAHP certification? Perhaps you were not sure how many continuing education units you needed? Or maybe you were not sure how many hours of continuing education credit you receive when you give a professional presentation to an audience? Why worry about all of this stresses when you can now outsource them to Team AHVA.

Are you Currently CVAHP™ Certified or Considering Becoming Certified?
If you Answered Yes to the Above, 
Then this Office Hours Session is for You!

Our goal is to make your CVAHP™ certification a MUST-HAVE credential and to make the recertification process completely painless for you. We also want you to have a resource to ask ANY and ALL questions that you have regarding pursuing the certification or recertification.  We are hosting a live Office Hours session to answer your questions. 

Here are a Few Topics That We will be Discussing During the Office Hours:  

  • What are the eligibility criteria to become CVAHP™ certified?
  • How many continuing education hours do I need to recertify my CVAHP™ credential?
  • What can I count for continuing education hours to recertify?
  • If I give a presentation at a conference, can I count that as continuing education?
  • How do I know what content is on the exam in order to develop my general study plan?
  • How do I upload my continuing education hours into the SMT/Prometric portal to recertify?

Upcoming December CVAHP Office Hours:
December 19, 2022
2-3 p.m. EDT

Our certification experts will take live questions from the attendees as well.

To register for the upcoming Office Hours Session, visit: https://tinyurl.com/CHVAPCert

Moving forward, these sessions will be offered on a monthly basis. Stay tuned for more information on the AHVAP Website and Social Media Channels. 

Silver Lining Apparel
Cygnus Medical
Industry News and Developments
Health Tech
It’s a high-pressure, ­high-stakes job, but it’s a perfect fit for Geoff Gates. Cleveland Clinic’s senior director of technology for supply chain and support serv­ices heads a team that’s responsible for everything from the procure-to-pay process to supply chain technology and innovation.

In this month’s issue of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Healthcare Executive publication, ACHE CEO, Deborah J. Bowen, FACHE, CAE highlights the value of giving back. Here are two quotes from her excellent article:

Opportunity: Giving back connects us to people we might not ordinarily meet, providing us with unique opportunities to expand our professional circles and our network. Whether serving on a nonprofit board, volunteering with your local ACHE chapter or helping our community in other ways, the experience of learning more while forging new relationships enriches us. New opportunities often emerge as we do so. 

Reward: Helping others gives us a greater sense of purpose and meaning. It reinforces why we do the work we do. It’s a reward that comes in many forms such as the deep fulfillment we experience when offering our time to support someone else. Whether building houses or careers, there is a personal satisfaction that comes from helping others. We are natural servant leaders, putting others ahead of ourselves. As such, giving back is a gift—the realization that we can make a difference. Through these actions, we are somehow further shaped as leaders.

To read the full article, visit:


Value-based care doesn’t stop at discharge
Molnlycke Health Care®
As the healthcare industry embraces a value-based care model, it’s time for Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to reimagine patient transitions throughout the continuum of care. Lack of
standardization between acute and post-acute care creates opportunity for failure points and worsened patient outcomes. By promoting communication, coordination, and consistency of care in each step of the patient journey, IDNs can maximize total value and achieve improved outcomes across the board.
Read the article
Hospitals are more full than they’ve been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a CNN analysis of data from the US Department of Health and Human Services. But as respiratory virus season surges across the US, it’s much more than COVID that’s filling beds this year. More than 80% of hospital beds are in use nationwide, jumping 8 percentage points in the past two weeks. Hospitals have been required to report capacity information since mid-2020 as part of a federal effort to track the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Premier's Value Analysis Council is excited to announce that the fifth edition of Premier's Value Analysis Guide is now available. Since the first release in 2014, the Value Analysis Guide has served as a catalyst for top value analysis professionals. The guide highlights best practices and provides resources to aid those in the healthcare industry as they support the value analysis process within their organization. No matter where your organization is at in their value analysis journey, the guide offers insights that can be leveraged to drive success.

Features include:

  • A conversion analysis tool

  • New case studies from Premier members whose value analysis processes have driven significant transformation in their organizations

  • Supply chain disruptions and the impact on purchasing decisions

  • Information on how the push to value-based payments can have as healthcare organizations work to maximize cost and quality improvements

  • Insights on sustainability and environmentally preferred purchasing

To download this complimentary resource, visit: https://offers.premierinc.com/GPO-VA-Guidebook-Landing-Page.html.

Casco Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.
Pegasus Medical Concepts
FTI Consulting
Delayed and cancelled elective surgeries, long lead times, significantly higher costs – this has been the unfortunate state of affairs. COVID-19 spared no industry, and the medical device industry was especially impacted, even while healthcare needs around the world increased. Extensive and unprecedented supply chain disruptions have materialized and sustained over the last 30 months, including raw material shortages, labor challenges, sterilization constraints, and concerns surrounding device security and cybersecurity.
Fierce Healthcare
Pediatricians need help. They’re battle against historically high rates of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) as well as influenza and COVID-19 among their young patients—what some dub the tripledemic—puts a huge strain on the pediatric healthcare system. Society has “not valued pediatric care. We’ve not responded to this the same way that we did with COVID and adult care [in March 2020] and that’s just a damning indictment of our national priorities in our healthcare system.”
The United States, the world’s richest country and its most important developer of pharmaceuticals, is not supposed to run out of prescription drugs. And yet it does — all the time. Just in the past few weeks, there have been reported shortages of amoxicillin and Tamiflu in the midst of a surge in respiratory infections. Young patients with asthma who contract the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) might need albuterol to ameliorate breathing problems, but that medication has been in short supply for months.

In a recent article in Healthcare Hygiene Magazine, AHVAP members Circe Munson, Kacey Wear, and Barbara Strain provided valuable insights into the connection of evidence-based practice, ROI, and Supply Chain Management.

“In the current climate of healthcare workplace shortage, the return on investment in recruiting clinicians to supply chain is an intentional decision to assure streamlining processes, reducing variation through product standardization and utilization to ease stresses on workflow while assuring quality,” said the authors.

To read the full text article, visit: https://www.healthcarehygienemagazine.com/monthly-issues/.

Former Theranos President Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani was sentenced on Wednesday to nearly 13 years in prison for his involvement in a scheme to defraud investors and patients of the blood testing startup led by Elizabeth Holmes. US District Judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California, imposed the sentence of 12 years and 11 months on Balwani, who was found guilty in July of 10 counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
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