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Hello summertime!! Can you believe that it is June already? Many of you have a fiscal year July thru June and have been working extremely diligently throughout the year to achieve or exceed your organization’s Value Analysis and Performance Improvement goals. Whatever budgetary period you follow, I know you have been working hard to make up for increased expenses incurred during allocation, backorders, raw material shortages, and using outside labor to support the Great Resignation. Health systems across the country are cutting back on Pediatric, Women’s Health, Rehab, and other outpatient services to attempt to mitigate the enormous loss in revenue, coupled with massive cost increases. During these tough times, use data to be creative in operational changes, minimize overutilization of premium products, remove unwanted waste at the point of care, use lean processes, and continue collaborating with each other and sharing innovative ways to get through it.

Association of National Account Executives

AHVAP President Liz Eisenberg, Dee Donatelli, a past president, and Barbara Strain, Strategic Board Liaison, facilitated a Q&A session around the topic of “Value Analysis in the Future World Order” to Supplier National Account Executives at the ANAE West conference in Phoenix last week. Great questions about best practices to complete a cross reference, what should a VAC Pack look like, how value analysis is different now post COVID, and other topics like is there order amongst the chaos? It was a great exchange of ideas and frank discussion of how we all have responsibility to bring US healthcare together in value.

Healthcare Hygiene Magazine

The June issue of Healthcare Hygiene Magazine will be out soon and features AHVAP’s latest article of compiled interviews by Garry Kauffman, RT: an active AHVAP member who surveyed Respiratory Care leaders about responses to and learnings from the pandemic.

If you have a value analysis related infection prevention and control or hygiene related story that you’d like to share, please contact AHVAP at info@AHVAP.org and type HHM Article Interest in the subject line.

Health Connect Partners Conference, New Orleans, May 18-20

Through a new IBEC agreement with Health Connect Partners, AHVAP sent Gloria Graham, Chair IBEC committee and Northeast Region Director, and Barbara Strain, Strategic Board Liaison to staff, its booth in the HCP Reverse Expo. Additionally, Gloria and Barbara along with Terri Nelson, Central Region Director, and Laura Polson, a past president and current Annual Conference co-chair, provided value analysis learning during a panel presentation titled: Clinical Integration through the Lens of Value Analysis.

Spring Symposium Collaboration between AHVAP, Healthcare Hygiene Magazine, The Pearce Foundation for Scientific Endeavor-extended listening time.

Not able to catch the live airing of the recorded presentations on the theme of Health Value Analysis and Infection Prevention? Well, they are available on demand here.

Journal of Healthcare Contracting

The Journal of Healthcare Contracting April 2022 edition published two value analysis articles featuring Terri Nelson, AHVAP Central Region Director and Director Value Analysis, CQVA at the Mayo clinic. Follow the link - https://www.jhconline.com/april-2022.html to find these value analysis articles:

  • Frontiers of the Healthcare Supply Chain: Value Analysis with a Clinical Perspective – focus on current VA at Mayo Clinic and the impact caused by covid
  • Frontiers of the Healthcare Supply Chain: Value Analysis: 20 Years in the Making – focus on the formation and evolution of VA at Mayo
How Wellstar Health Transformed their Value Analysis Process
Greenlight Medical®
Wellstar Health leveraged people, processes, and technology to:
  • Streamline product requests and evaluation across the enterprise
  • Centralize product data and communications to reduce decision time
  • Integrate product research and clinical evidence into product reviews 
  • Transform physician and medical chair engagement in the decision-making process
Read their story
AHVAP Education

Save the dates July 18-22 at noon eastern for special Value Analysis Week listen and learn presentations demonstrating Together in Value with stories of collaboration from inside and outside your organizations.

July 18- Liz Eisenberg will provide a short state of Value Analysis and AHVAP before presenting a special webinar introducing a new set of AHVAP branded tools. 

The rest of the week of Together in Value presentations presented by teams in the following AHVAP regions:

July 19- Western Region

July 20- Central Region

July 21- Southeast Region

July 22- Northeast Region

You will get a calendar invite to register along with the topics and presenters in the coming weeks.

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
C Change Surgical
Annual Conference Update

October 26-28, 2022 — AHVAP Annual Conference and Supplier Showcase Attendee Registration is now open. Reserve your seat and hotel room for THE value analysis focused event of the year.

Don’t forget to check our pre-conference for-a-fee sessions on VA101, VA201 and the CVAHP Prep Course.

Learn how you might qualify for an attendee scholarship to the conference.

Scholarships are made available through suppliers like P&G Pampers who have given generously in support of AHVAP’s education mission to advance the value analysis profession- a true sign of Together in Value. Thank you to P&G Pampers and their leadership for recognizing how we can improve healthcare one professional at a time.

 Featured Keynote Speaker: Susan DeVore, MS, Former CEO, Advisor at Premier

Those who have had the privilege of listening to Susan she is both compassionate and passionate about the delivery of healthcare and couldn’t be more fitting to kick off our conference with her forward-thinking topic:

 “2022: Let’s Together Put the Value in Value Analysis”

Exhibitor Table and Sponsorship Opportunity signups are available. Come join us and get the leads that you have been looking for. Every provider attendee coordinates a hundred or more product and service initiatives requests a MONTH!


How can you create a high-performing Value Analysis Program?
ECRI Institute®
Connect to industry-leading pricing intelligence and clinical evidence in a scalable, all-in-one technology platform that grows with you as you advance your processes.                           
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Cygnus Medical
Industry News and Developments
Insurance Journal
The health-care industry accounts for 8.5% of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions, almost as much as agriculture. So the Biden administration is pushing hospital systems to do more to combat climate change: The US Department of Health and Human Services has asked hospitals, health suppliers, drug companies and others in the industry to pledge to reduce their GHG emissions to net zero by 2050, inventory their supply chain emissions and develop a climate resilience plan for their facilities.
Medline Newsroom
In response to the healthcare sector’s rapid growth, universities and organizations across the nation are implementing formal education programs to help train and prepare the next wave of industry professionals. As a result, it’s becoming more common to see undergraduate and graduate programs focusing on supply chain and its various components, like logistics, with more students and career-transitioning professionals pursuing supply chain education than ever before.
Value-based care doesn’t stop at discharge
Molnlycke Health Care®
As the healthcare industry embraces a value-based care model, it’s time for Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) to reimagine patient transitions throughout the continuum of care. Lack of
standardization between acute and post-acute care creates opportunity for failure points and worsened patient outcomes. By promoting communication, coordination, and consistency of care in each step of the patient journey, IDNs can maximize total value and achieve improved outcomes across the board.
Read the full whitepaper here
Two decades of navigating supply chains and negotiating with far-flung manufacturers taught Tim Morgan it was best to steer his firm clear of the mask frenzy, which was rife with fraud and confusion. In the summer of 2020, though, he was inundated with requests for a similarly cheap but tough-to-get commodity: nitrile gloves.
A shortage of a key component for some crucial imaging tests such as CT scans is leading to rationing within hospitals, patient backlogs and doctors across the United States making do with less-than-ideal alternatives ​across the United States. The component is a liquid called IV contrast, which contains iodine. It can be injected into a patient's bloodstream to highlight different structures on scans. It can reveal, for example, the location of a clot when someone is having a stroke.
Casco Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.
Safety+Health Magazine
More than 4 out of 5 health care workers experience headaches associated with the use of personal protective equipment, according to a new report from the Association of Migraine Disorders. “De novo” headaches have the characteristics of a primary headache disorder such as migraine or tension, the organization says. Cases appear to present similarly to an external compression headache, caused by an N95 mask or eye protection placing continuous pressure on the forehead or scalp.
World Economic Forum
The severe global shortage of chips threatens to disrupt the manufacturing of life-saving medical devices and systems. If we fail to take immediate action to address this shortage, it will impact patients in all corners of the world. Chips, also known as semiconductors, are often referred to as the brains powering modern technologies. These small wonders are essential components in vital medical equipment and systems.
Fierce Pharma
While the FDA says it has eased or thwarted “hundreds of new drug shortages” in the U.S. over the past 10 years, quality problems, global supply chain weaknesses, unexpected demand spikes, market withdrawals and natural disasters continue to threaten the nation’s stock of pharmaceuticals. To that end, the regulator unveiled new draft guidance Thursday to help manufacturers forge risk management plans aimed at combating drug shortages.