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Fisk Marine Insurance International, LLC
It is with the greatest sadness that I inform you of the passing of the industry's great friend and true diving pioneer, Bob Kirby, who passed away June 1, at his home in California.
Oil prices rose, despite a likely rise in U.S. oil stocks, on the easing of Chinese Covid-19 related lockdowns and a possible strike by Norwegian oil workers.
Teledyne Marine Systems USA
Although some are warning that oil prices might hit $200/barrel in the next year, it is just as possible that they will retreat to $60, depending on a wide variety of developments.
U.S. Coast Guard fast response cutter Glen Harris has seized $11 million worth of heroin during a patrol in the Gulf of Oman.
Dive Commercial International, Inc.
UWL, in partnership with Swire Shipping, has linked a new dedicated barge service from Phnom Pehn, Cambodia to its express ocean transportation service between Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Seattle that allows shippers in Cambodia to reach the U.S. West Coast in a mere 25 days, faster than any other service provider in the trade.
Sweden is banning the extraction of coal, oil and natural gas and tightening rules on the extraction from alum shale. The ban is entering into force on July 1 this year.
The G7 countries, representing the world’s biggest economies, pledged to end direct international public financing of the fossil fuels sector starting from the end of this year and affirmed the commitment to end inefficient fossil fuel subsidies by 2025.
Saab Seaeye Ltd
SWiG has released a new wireless acoustic standard designed to improve communication between offshore vessels and an underwater IMR vehicle.
Legasea has completed a reuse program for 10 decommissioned subsea production systems retrieved from the Celtic Sea.
Ocean Technology Systems
From the Pages of Underwater Magazine
Contrary to what you see in the movies, sharks, barracudas, giant octopuses and other dangerous creatures aren’t always lurking in the ocean waiting to launch a fatal attack on divers. Such incidents are relatively rare; divers are more likely to suffer a painful sting from a jellyfish or to get entangled in a kelp forest.



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