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Fisk Marine Insurance International, LLC
Oil prices have bounced back and there is a slight demand concern due to a potental lockdown in Beijing caused by COVID-19.
 The UK goverment has set a plan that will increase long-term energy independence. 
Teledyne Marine Systems USA
A collaborative study has been released shows that thermoplastic composite pipes are better to reduce emissions and  easier to transport due to its lightweight qualities.
Dive Commercial International, Inc.
German activitist group "Last Generation" (english translation) turned off crude oil pipelines to demand that a statement be released saying that no new fossil infrastructure projects or oil drilling occur in the North Sea.
GE Power Conversion will develop an electric module and have it made in Indonesia for the FPSO P-79 as requested by Búzios.
Russia is no longer suppling gas to Poland and Bugaria as Poland will not pay for the gas in Rubles and Bulgaria is looking to end their contract. In the longterm, if more countries are cut off from Russia's gas supply then a decrease in supply options can create another gas crisis.
Saab Seaeye Ltd
The EU is beginning to launch small-scale projects that will focus on reducing emissions and increasing the use of low-carbon technologies.
Refuel Energy has had a contract with Topsøe AS to create a plan to build a renewable fuel production plant to be build in Ontario, Canada. The proposed project, names as Refuel YYZ, serves as a means to contribute to Canada's emmision reduction goals.
From the Pages of Underwater Magazine
“There are so many diseases and problems that have the potential to affect a commercial diver. Unfortunately, we see a lot of doctors across the country here doing diving physicals that haven’t been trained – and they don’t realize the potential hazard that can be,” says Tony Alleman, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center for Regional One Health.



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