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Fisk Marine Insurance International, LLC
With new sanctions imposed on Russia, oil prices continue to increase on a global level. Using oil from reserves and a potential new deal between the US and Iran may combat the increasing price.
US Senators Kelly and Manchin appeal to President Biden to continue offshore oil production in the Gulf as the current plan is set to expire in the coming months.
Teledyne Marine Systems USA
Furetank's green credit guarantee was given by the Swedish Export Agency. This green credit is given to companies that meet rigorious green initiative standards.
Dive Commercial International, Inc.
DOF Subsea will support Valco in replacing a FSPO with an FSO. DOF Subsea will use its Skandi Constructor for the project, which includes subsea configuration.
It's unlikely that Russian refineries will recover quickly so the European diesel shortage will continue at a higher rate. The decrease in diesel occured prior to the Ukranian/Russian conflict and has been negatively affected by it creating a larger global effect.
A new source of oil has been discovered at Kveikje. The area will be evaluated to join the Equino-operated area development.
Saab Seaeye Ltd
The investment decisions for the Dorado FID project are expected to be completed by mid-2022 following a production license offer acceptance. The joint venture will produce petroleum as a new Australian oil project.
A new alkylation unit is underway for Sinopec. The environmetaly friendy techology of Ionikylation meets new ESG mandates and works towards national goals set by China.
Unity has new tools to support tasks needed for well work. These tools work well with Unity's Surface Intervention System (SIS).
From the Pages of Underwater Magazine
UNDERWATER Magazine had the opportunity to speak Mark Klein, S. T. Hudson Engineers, Inc. and ADCI-OSHA Delta P Task Force SME for sonar and ROV domain awareness at power-generating facilities.



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