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Industry growth of 5-8% a year until 2026 was predicted bya consultant due to the current trends in contracts being issued. This is positive news for the industry, overall, but it can lead to increased competition between companies. 
 The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has changed its name to North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) as it now has a growing role in energy transition.
It is very unlikely that the EU will follow the US's lead on a Russian oil ban as the price of oil contiues to rise. To make matters worse, Saudia Arabia faces attacks, by the Houthi group, on their energy and water desalination facilities. 
Teledyne Marine Systems USA
Dive Commercial International, Inc.
As the Ukranian and Russian conflict continues, the price of continues to increase as well as countries decide where to get there oil from. Currently, the United States has banned the purchase of Russian oil and is looking for other alternative buying options.
After a tragic accident, divers from Trinidad and Tobago are coming together to ensure better industry standards for their safety and wellbeing on the job.
Partnered since 2014, NABU will continue to advise Scandlines as they work on their Green Agenda. A new zero-emission ferry is going to be released in 2024 is a major part of it.
Diver Certification Board of Canada
A co-operation between Equinor and Aker solutions needs another subesea compressor for the world's first subsea gas-compression facility located in Åsgard, Norway.
Catalyst Energy Services has shared its new fracturing fleet that is powered by natural energy. This new direct-drive turbine technology can elimate waste and greenhouse emissions.
The 1.5MW tital turbine has been redeployed after some maintenance work and upgrades were done. This is one of two turbines that are currently operational, on a project focused on tidal energy.
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Before we talk about Starlink, I would like to provide a little background information about the underwater fiber optic cables that provide the network infrastructure for the internet to function globally. 
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