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In an ideal world, all divers will come to the work site feeling completely healthy. However, just as with any other job, divers are human. They get sick. Unlike with a desk job, however, when a diver isn't feeling their best, safety becomes an issue. Commonly, three different illnesses can affect divers and the general population. Those are the common cold, the flu and bronchitis.
It is a side effect of development: trash, mud and debris carried by rain runoff into parks and ponds. The City of Plano is embarking on a project to dredge city ponds without bringing in excavators or relocating wildlife.
U.S. Underwater Services, LLC, an offshore and inland commercial diving contractor based in Texas, is pleased to announce that Bryan Nicholls, President and COO, was reelected as President of the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI) at its annual conference in February 2019.

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The ADCI Audit Initiative is designed to make ADCI companies stronger, smarter and their divers more safe. All members who complete this audit will have the peace of mind of knowing where they are succeeding and those areas that they can work on. Those companies who do not submit to an audit by March 1, 2020 face losing their ADCI membership.  
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The March/April Issue of Underwater Magazine is online now. This issue features a fresh new design for Underwater. It features a recap of Underwater Intervention 2019, an article on dive safety, an article on dive medicine relating to common illnesses, and much more! All of this in the latest issue of Underwater Magazine.
UNDERWATER Magazine and the ADCI are looking to continue their library of industry-related images. If you have any great pictures of commercial divers, job sites, equipment, or anything else related to the industry that you would be willing to share and possibly see published in an upcoming issue of UNDERWATER Magazine please contact Steve Guglielmo at
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A new kind of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is being used to capture fascinating footage of life beneath the surface in McMurdo Sound. According to a recent report, a University of Canterbury scientist is using Kiwi technology in her Antarctic research into the Ross Sea region Marine Protected Area.
When U.S. Navy undersea medical officers had a question about decompression theory or undersea medicine, there was one man who knew all the answers. But when retired U.S. Navy Capt. Edward Flynn Jr. passed away recently, he took with him his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Navy diving.
Chris Lemons thought it was just another ordinary day at work. The commercial diver descended 262ft underwater for a routine inspection of a drilling structure at the Huntington oil field, 115 miles east of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. Yet, his boat began to drift after a problem with its dynamic positioning system, causing his “umbilical” line, supplying both air and heat, became snagged and was severed, leaving him with only his emergency air tank – with only 5 minutes of breathing gas and rescue 30 minutes away.
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