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JFD has issued a Product Caution Notice to inform you of a potential safety issue with commercial diving equipment manufactured/supplied by JFD. JFD are aware of a potential safety issue and are advising our customers and end users that all stock of this item requires inspection before use.
In the late 1960s, the U.S. Navy launched a program inspired by the work and theories of one George Bond. That program, dubbed Sealab, would lead to the implementation of so-called saturation diving that allowed divers to live, work, eat and sleep hundreds of feet beneath the ocean’s surface in pressurized capsules. Lessons learned from the short-lived program are still in use today, utilized in covert operations and deep-sea exploration.
Houston, Texas-based Oceaneering has received the Subsea Innovation Award, sponsored by Maats Tech, at the 2019 Anual Offshore Support Journal Awards.

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The ADCI Audit Initiative is designed to make ADCI companies stronger, smarter and their divers more safe. All members who complete this audit will have the peace of mind of knowing where they are succeeding and those areas that they can work on. Those companies who do not submit to an audit by March 1, 2020 face losing their ADCI membership.  
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The ADCI honored its scholarship recipeints, award winners and Commercial Hall of Fame Inductees at the Underwater Intervention Annual Awards Dinner on February 5, 2019. The association honored Dick Rutkowski  and Jean-Claude Le Pechon as the 2019 class of the Commercial Hall of Fame. ADCI also honored board member Gary Jones with its President's Award for 2019. Finally, the ADCI handed out its Scholarship Awards to Abigail K Hover, who was sponsored by Morgan City Rentals, and Celine Anna Maharaj, who was sponsored by Range Skillets Inernational, LLC. In addition to the ADCI awards, the Historical Diving Society recognized Steve Struble for his contributions to the field and the MTS-ROV Committee also honored their award recipients at the dinner. Congratulations to all who were recognized!

The January/February Issue of Underwater Magazine is online now. This issue will be onsite at Underwater Intervention 2019. It features the annual ROV/AUV pictorial showcase, an interview with Hans VanSumeren, Director of the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute, a preview of special events at UI, a maintenance column and much more. All of this in the latest issue of Underwater Magazine.
UNDERWATER Magazine and the ADCI are looking to continue their library of industry-related images. If you have any great pictures of commercial divers, job sites, equipment, or anything else related to the industry that you would be willing to share and possibly see published in an upcoming issue of UNDERWATER Magazine please contact Steve Guglielmo at
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At the California Institution for Men, a state prison in Chino, there’s a program that trains inmates to dive deep. At the on-site Marine Technology Training Center, students study commercial diving both underwater and in the classroom. Founded in 1970, the 18-month course has graduated hundreds of men—many of whom have gone on to jobs on oil rigs and ships and only 6 percent of whom have returned to prison.
The Art Guild of the Purple Isles and the History of Diving Museum were recognized for their commitment to the arts in schools through an interdisciplinary marine science project that required students to create an art installation out of wooden fish and clay reef construction.
In this week's STEAM Story, Jaxin Lindgren, Jake Kooiker, Spencer Johnson and Madelyn Kellerman share their Washington Island Elementary ROV program experience.
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