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Greensea Systems, Inc.
Bibby Offshore, a leading subsea services provider to the oil and gas industry, has announced a multimillion dollar contract with a global energy player, to provide first gas and construction support on its assets in the Southern North Sea. The contract, due to be executed between Q3 and Q4 2016, will see Bibby Offshore’s construction support vessel Olympic Ares, and its diving support vessel Bibby Polaris, perform subsea engineering work 150km off the coast of Lincolnshire, in water depths of 21m and 48m.
A team led by AJ Jain, Harkand North America Managing Director, has agreed to a management buyout (MBO) of Harkand’s North American and African business. The new company, to be named ETHOS OFFSHORE LIMITED, will continue to provide subsea engineering and construction services to Harkand’s existing US, Mexican and West African client base to market-leading standards.
The report provides an executive-level blueprint of the Observation Mini ROV market beginning with the definition of the market dynamics. The analysis classifies the Observation Mini ROV market in terms of products, application, and key geographic regions. With focus on presenting a detailed value chain analysis, the study evaluates the set of region-specific approaches forged by the industry. To determine the market potential for Observation Mini ROV in the international scenario, the study delves into the competitive landscape and development landscape exhibited by the key geographic regions.
Norway-based Reach Subsea has secured a contract with Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) for a marine mining project in the mid-Atlantic ridge north of Jan Mayen. Financed by the Research Council of Norway (RCN), the MarMine project will deploy remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) and grabs for seabed mapping and sampling for geological and biological research related to marine mining.
Trelleborg has been awarded E&P Magazine's prestigious Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEA) in two categories. SealWelding ™ Technology from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions won in the category of Marine Construction and Trelleborg's offshore operation won for its deployment of Firestop™ in the Floating Systems and Rigs Category. The MEA awards will be presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.
The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) indicated Thursday that the development of a new oil province in the Great Australian Bight would deliver significant long-term economic benefits for Australia and South Australia.
A Fylde diving and pressure chamber manufacturer has sold a 50 per cent stake to another Lancashire engineering specialist. Darwen-based WEC Group has acquired 50 per cent of Submarine Manufacturing and Products of Newton.
DeepWater Rental and Supply
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Dangers of Delta P and Hazards of Underwater Burning videos are now available with Spanish subtitles.
Steve Macquarrie, president of International Special Risks, and Rob Stuardi, executive vice president of American Equity Underwriters discuss how submitting to a formal audit can be an invaluable resource for an insurance underwriter to evaluate risk. 

Mike Brown, vice president of energy services for Global Diving and Salvage, and Randy Jacobs, director of diving services for JF Brennan Company, discuss the ADCI audit process and the benefits it can provide for diving contractors. 

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The ADCI is currently holding a 60 Day Comment Period (15 March – 15 May 2016) on the proposed ADCI Audit Initiative.  The Association is soliciting input on the initiative, and will then examine the comments to determine the best path forward to meet the needs of industry, the membership, and the mission of the ADCI.

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The ADCI is now releasing its Supervisor Nitrox Endorsement Examination.  This examination is available to all current ADCI certified supervisors.  On the revised Supervisor Exam Application, which can be downloaded here, qualified candidates can check the box for "Nitrox Endorsement."
The cost of the examination and new certification card is $150.00. A tutorial is included in the examination package.  
It should be noted that a tutorial is not a course on Nitrox (enriched air) Diving Operations.  Candidates should already have knowledge and experience with Nitrox operations, prior to undertaking the exam or supervising a commercial nitrox diving operation.
Dive Commercial International, Inc.
A world-leading training centre is being created in North Tyneside after a take-over by a local business. Queen’s Award winning manufacturer AIS is using the expertise from recently acquired Speciality Welds to create the training and coding centre at its 12-acre state-of-the-art facility in North Shields. AIS has become the only place in the UK to have a Zurich-accredited welding surveyor on site to witness all coded tests, allowing welding training and testing in one location. And it is also able to deliver underwater welding training from sub-sea expert Speciality Welds’ Huddersfield site.
The Mariana Trench is one of those places on earth that been a tantalizing mystery for humans since its discovery. What lives at that ocean depth? Or don't we want to know? Located in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Mariana islands, the trench has a maximum known depth of 6.8 miles (36,070 feet) below sea level. It's not a very wide trench, averaging just 43 miles across, but it's about 1,580 miles long. As if the massive geographical footprint is challenging enough, at that depth pressure is around 15,750 psi and the temperature ranges between 33° to 39°F.
Boaty McBoatface is now the Royal Research Ship that could have been. On Friday, British officials announced the country’s newest polar research vessel will instead be named the RRS Sir David Attenborough, in spite of the public’s overwhelming support for the jokey alternative in an online poll.
Sitting around a computer screen next to the pool at Yosemite High School, Maddy Noonkester and Will Martyn frown as they speak with coach and teacher Ryan Collings. "We can’t see what’s going on," Noonkester tells Collings, as her frown deepens. "There’s something wrong with it." "Ok, it can move left and right, but we’re having some trouble," Martyn adds. "It’s really difficult to tell why it’s not working." The conversation is over one thing; a practice run for Everest, their team’s underwater robot
ROCKINGHAM diver Rory Shannon was one of the first to try out the new Weldcraft Pro at Bibra Lake’s Arc Training Solutions. Mr Shannon, who works at Indianic Diving Services, undertook the course under the guidance of Arc Training Solutions owner Jamie Harwick. Commercial diving has taken Mr Hardwick to some spectacular places, from off-shore oil rigs in China, where he was surrounded by beautiful marine life, to crocodile-infested waters in the Northern Territory.
Co-funded by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, the project will use Lloyd’s Register’s ‘NewWave’ simulation tool and Keppel’s in-house semi-submersible model test data to develop "Numerical Wave Basin" in order to improve both safety and performance of new semi-submersible designs.
SeaDrone, the underwater robot coming out of a new company founded by two Stanford AI lab veterans, is aiming to make fish farming a lot easier—particularly for smaller aquaculture operations—by making underwater inspection cheaper and easier.
Subsalve USA



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