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Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. Is proud and excited to announce: Sea Scan® ARC Explorer

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Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. is introducing the first ever side scan sonar system that uses proprietary Adaptive CHIRP technology.  The Sea Scan® ARC "Explorer" will be introduced at Underwater Intervention January 15th in New Orleans.  The Explorer is the first side scan sonar system in the Sea Scan® ARC generation.

Adaptive Chirp technology provides for maximum range and minimal power consumption.  In addition to the Adaptive Chirp technology the sonar features a port security mode for optimal target visibility on ship hulls and sea walls.

The tow fish is constructed using hard anodized billet aluminum, stainless steel, and durable polymers.  It features a built in Variable Angle Tow point for ultimate imaging flexibility.  Field replaceable transducers allow the user to quickly adapt the sonar to various conditions without compromising range or resolution.   Up to four frequencies can be installed on the same tow fish at any time.  Modular construction minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes upgrade capability.

The new system will continue to use the highly praised Sea Scan Survey software which was introduced with the Sea Scan HDS generation of side scan sonar systems and features our unmatched TRUE 24/7 customer support. 

As with all Marine Sonic Technology side scan sonar systems, each Sea Scan® ARC "Explorer" system is shipped complete and ready to use and will include:

• Extra Tow Cable
• Spare Parts
• Tool Kit
• Rugged Shipping Cases
• Unmatched TRUE 24/7 Customer Support
• One day factory training free or on site training for a fee. 

Please contact Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd for more information.   (804)693-9602 or visit our web site


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