April 2013, Vol.7, No.4
Applications for the second round of funding for the Governor's Water Supply Program (GSWP) are now available! The application provides information on the anticipated funding, a program timeline, and the complete GSWP application in a writable electronic format. The deadline to submit applications is April 30, 2013, by 5 p.m.

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The application period for the Georgia Agricultural Irrigation Motor (AIM) Rebate Program is now open. The Georgia AIM Rebate Program is a statewide initiative by the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority that helps farmers replace their inefficient diesel irrigation motors with more energy-efficient electric motors. Eligible farmers will be considered for a rebate that will be used to help replace the diesel motors to ensure that they are using more energy-efficient farming methods. Applications must be submitted by April 30, 3013, no later than 5 pm.

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The Pauly Jail Building Company will host the Criminal Justice & Detention Facility Seminar on June 5, 2013, at Callaway Gardens. The seminar will address key elements that contribute to the development of a Detention Facility or Courthouse Project. The latest technology and information will be presented by industry experts.

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Inside space for the County Buyer’s Mart, scheduled for April 27-28 at the 2013 ACCG Annual Conference, is already sold out! Vendors continue to exhibit their interest in working with county officials through their high volume of participation in this event. Be sure to make plans to visit the vendors that most interest your county!

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As you make plans to travel to Savannah, consider taking advantage of the vehicle rental discount available to all county officials and county staff! More information on the Enterprise discount details is available on the ACCG website.

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Get ready to hit the dance floor and enjoy the soulful, funky sounds of the legendary band the Commodores! The Grand Finale, the culminating event for this year’s annual conference, will include a special live performance by the legends of funk. Best known for their hits "Brick House," "Easy" and "Three Times A Lady," this band is sure to provide entertainment that will keep you moving throughout night! The Grand Finale will take place on Monday, April 29 in the Civic Center Ballroom following the 2013 ACCG Awards recognition ceremony and dinner.

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