July 2010 - Volume 4, Issue 7
Make plans now to attend one of the upcoming July sessions hosted by ACCG Legislative Director Clint Mueller and ACCG Associate Legislative Director Matt Hicks.

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ACCG welcomes new staff members Quint Robinson as operations director and Randy Hartmann as membership service director to the Fulton County office. Learn how their positions will help ACCG in July to assist the association to increase efficiency through technology and expand membership services.

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Join ACCG and the CVIOG for the 2010 Mobile Classroom: "Economic Development for Your Community" August 19-20. This training opportunity is open to all county officials and worth six hours of elective credit in Commissioners Training, CCAP or Standard of Excellence.

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ACCG welcomed Devon Davis in July to assist the association's communication department with various projects over the summer months.

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Cobb County has developed a FAQ document that addresses the most significant changes and answers to many questions you may have in regards to the "Stewardship Bill" recently signed by the Governor.

Visit http://www.accg.org/library/FAQs%20about%20Outdoor%20Water%20Use.pdf to view the full article online.

This three-day conference will be held August 25-27, and will host an elite group of environmental professionals seeking to exchange knowledge and share ideas around environmental concerns in Georgia.

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This annual event, being held in Athens August 30-September 1, offers an opportunity to build professional relationships, discover tools and practical solutions, analyze new trends innovations and technologies, and learn from powerful Keynote and Breakout Speakers.

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Confined space entries can be one of the most hazardous duties our local government employees face. As with many potentially dangerous environments, the safe management of your organization's confined spaces is accomplished by having all applicable staff trained. If your county is insured through ACCG, the training is free.

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making available up to $10 million in grants to local governments to establish and carry out initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Grant submissions are due by July 26.

Visit http://www.epa.gov/statelocalclimate/local/showcase/ to view the full article online.

Any county officials that successfully stand for reelection to their positions in the November general election will be entitled to 5 percent longevity increases. Longevity increases will be effective January 1.

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